I’ve read a few articles that speak of the acceptance of the Evolution theory by the Roman CC. I was just wondering if this was true or not. Thanks Guys.


Pope Pius XII refused to accept evolution, but that was on practical, not theological, grounds. Evolution is theoretically fine as long as:
God directed the whole process; there are two first parents, Adam and Eve, NOT a tribe of original parents; God endowed these two first parents with souls (in other words, souls cannot of arisen through natural selection); and Adam and Eve must of transmitted original sin to their descendants because they ate the forbidden fruit.
On the other hand, there are many practical drawbacks, ranging from Adam and Eve being born of parents who had no souls, to them, well, having parents.


There’s no official stance–it’s for the scientists to figure out.

So, in other words, it depends what you mean by evolution–if you mean it in the naturalistic sense, that there is no Creator but only random forces and mutations, than no. Atheism is not supported by the Church at all and can never be supported.

If you mean it in the sense that over time creatures can (based on the design given them by God) adapt to new conditions from generation to generation and develop new characteristics, than that’s fine. There’s nothing that says God can’t create new organisms from previous biological material–in fact He most certainly can and probably does. Likewise, there’s nothing that says God didn’t form the bodies of our first parents in the same way, as long as you acknowledge the soul as being created immediately by Him.

Genesis is not necessarily meant to be read as a literal history book, but must be understood in the culture and genre it was produced.

Scientists can show how God’s creation works–but they can’t deny the the Creator of the creation.


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