EWTN - A Network Gone Wrong

I was looking for information on Our Lady of Fatima and came across this site.


Another link


But the more I read Chris Ferrara’s powerful work, the more convinced I was that we MUST do our part to expose EWTN’s role in promoting what he rightly calls “counterfeit Catholicism” (as well as showing people what signs to look for, that prove how wrong things have really gone).

Mr. Ferrara shows clearly that while EWTN holds itself out as the gold standard of Catholic orthodoxy today, it is actually a major promoter of Modernist innovation in the Church.

Thus, as he points out, EWTN is a major obstacle to the widespread return to true Catholic belief and practice in all its integrity, which is the only way to end the crisis in the Church.

Has anyone read this?

If so, what exactly is this about?

Is there something wrong with EWTN.

Or is there something wrong with the book?

I am really confused. Please help.

on google searching chris ferrara, here’s what an article i found had to say:

Ferrara is among a group of Catholic traditionalists

that’s plenty enough for me to have my answer… It’s easy enough to surmise at this point that Ferrara is of the neo-trad school of thought which claims loyalty to the pope and church whilst following the heretical teachings of Archbishop Lefebvre

Note that your second reference contains a letter by Father Nicholas Gruner. He may feel offended by EWTN’s report on him. **Fr. Gruner, *Fátima Crusader, Catholic Family News ***

Finally, in recent years there has been a certain lack of clarity regarding the priestly status of Fr. Gruner. According to the the Congregation for the Clergy, his priestly faculties (jurisdiction permitting celebration of the sacraments) have been suspended and his appeal of that suspension rejected by the highest Church court, the Apostolic Signature. However, I understand that he continues to publicly celebrant the sacraments, justifying it by arguments for the canonical invalidity of his suspension. What efforts he is making to settle this matter is not known.

I have seen confirmation of his suspension in other reliable sources.

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