I use Linux mainly as unnamed software giants have supported their employees giving to P Parenthood.
EWTN recently went all W Media files and my Linux machines now can’t hear radio or see live tv.

I just found a Firefox plugin for Linux to at least play old EWTN mp3 files. I can again keep up with great Catholic current thinking.

Get addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/addons/policy/0/846/24245

Enjoy EWTN on LINUX and fight PParenthood



try VLC. It plays nearly everything, it can open EWTN stream too:
Go to File->Open Network Stream->HTTP/HTTPS/FTP/MMS and paste the stream’s URL here.

Depending on the distribution you are using, you’ll likely find it in the package repositories.

On Linux, it can be also integrated into Firefox, by installing the mozilla-plugin-vlc package or by compiling the sources with –enable-mozilla switch.

Enjoy EWTN on Linux :slight_smile:

People give to PP? That makes it sound like some sort of charity case

I hope people will find out that the devil has made himself the worlds biggest charity and his goal sterilize those who give to him and all the poor I guess he was fooled when Jesus was born poor.

Linux guy will you send me link to firefox vlc add on I use an assus ee

hmm you should do a “little” reading, because it will be a bit difficult:

or just try to compile vlc yourserlf with --enable-mozilla switch.

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