EWTN and NetFlics

How come EWTN documentaries never make it to netflics?.. the only one i’ve seen on netflics that has been aired on ewtn is “into silence”, it would be REALLY COOL to see the documentaries i see on EWTN on a secular video service.
almost 85%(maybe more) of these documentaries are about pot smoking, sex, how evil the Church is, anti-God, alternative lifestyles, history channel’s vision of Christian history and anti-government, and that’s not mentioning the movies, is there any way that we can petition EWTN or NETFLICS to show good Christian(Catholic) films and documentaries like the Vatican approved shroud of Turin documentary, or the “river of light” wich i really enjoyed? I think this is another way we can reach people who don’t get EWTN or go to Church or are misguided by protestant Neo-chritianity, or been thought unreal history of the world and its Church.

What do you guys think?


Agreed. I’m not sure how we could get them to rent those movies. I’m sure there are many outlets that refuse to sell EWTN items.

It probably has something to do with supply and demand. Our demand isn’t enough for them to make huge dollars.

I have started recording things of interest so I can watch them when nothing good is on the tube. It seems all the good things come on late at night so recording them allows me to watch them during better hours. Take care.

I have no idea how netflix chooses items for their catalog but my guess is they stock films for which they have the most demand. If they started getting thousands of requests for EWTN Gallery, Steve Ray or Fr. Corapi programs they might look into providing them to their patrons. The same goes obviously for films in general with Catholic topics, family values etc.

NetFlix does carry Footprints of God, the series by Steve Ray. Maybe someone needs to start up a Catholic version of netflix??? :wink:

i wish they would put their shows on youtube. my mother broke the TV this summer, and even when we did have it, the most channels we could get were three. so now all we have is the computer…however, i can see how they would then lose all their money and support

EWTN airs their programming “live” on their own website, for free. Certain programs I believe you can watch any time but I am pretty sure the documentaries and such must be “caught” at their broadcast time just as if you were watching them on TV. They do have a programming schedule posted though.

EWTN on demand would be AWESOME!!!
everything from father Corapi speeches to children’s programing to documentaries… :thumbsup:

Pius Media, the Catholic DVD rental company has tons of EWTN programming. They are much like Netflix in how they work but their selection is entirely upright and wholesome. What a delightful family business and apostolate!

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