EWTN and Scope of Bishop's Authority

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I am not sure this is the right forum for this question, but none of the others seemed to fit either.

Our bishop, Robert Baker, has been appointed to the Birmingham Alabama Diocese, where EWTN is located. It made me curious as to the nature of the relationship between the Bishop and EWTN. In other words how much control does the bishop have over the orginization? I assume this is similar relationship between a catholic university or hospital and the ordinary where the organization is located, but since I am not familiar with that relationship either that doesn’t help me answer the question.

I believe the previous bishop of that diocese forbade any Mass celebrated ad orientem to be televised. That is why all the Masses shown on EWTN are facing the people.

Never mind, I will keep my opinion to myself.:cool:

Yes, this is probably the wrong forum. However just a note, EWTN will be televising a TLM (extraordinary use) on Friday, Sept 14th at 8am (closedcafeteria.blogspot.com/2007/08/ewtn-to-broadcast-tridentine-mass-sept.html)

Now, if we could just get them to regularly broadcast the Divine Liturgy from the various Eastern rites, we’d be on to something :thumbsup:

That would be a great idea even occassionally. Who do we contact about that?

Yes, that would be good. Why keep the best kept secret of the Roman Catholic Church under wraps?


That would be nice, but the problem with that is that they would need an Eastern Catholic priest there regularly. They are located in Alabama - how many Eastern Catholics are down there? While Father Pacwa is Maronite, and could celebrate the Maronite Rite, I don’t know how much time he spends down there. I don’t think he regularly celebrates the Mass that is broadcast.

So an exceptional idea - but there is the problem of logistics. :slight_smile:

<<They are located in Alabama - how many Eastern Catholics are down there?>>

There is both a Maronite and a Melkite church in my home town of Birmingham, AL.

In addition, there are three Orthodox churches, including the seventh oldest parish in the Greek Archdiocese and the oldest Russian Orthodox church south of the Mason-Dixon line. And the third has had who knows how many priests and monastics come from it in its 30 years of existence–as well as spinning off a parish in Tuscaloosa.


Really! Wow!

I would suppose though that the Maronite (is that Father Pacwa’s parish?) or Melkite Priest would have to go to EWTN to start things going - and that is presupposing that they are inclined to do such a thing. And at least the Melkite Liturgy would have to be recorded at that parish in order to have the proper setting - iconostasis and all.

I can vouch for him, I’ve been to the Maronite Church near Five Points, I’ve been to the Melkite Church, And the Greek Church near downtown.
All were wonderful. At the Melkite Church, I witnessed a Baptism.
The Maronite Church Priest Chants Aramaic Beautifully, but the Greek Church was home for me, ( even though it’s not Antiochian.:smiley: )

With modern telecom, just about any parish could be used.

The trick would be to find a priest willing to have the cameras set up, and to have the mixing board on-site, at which point a live single-feed is doable via fast IP connections or over satellite.

For tape-delay, they’d want a parish nearby if it’s not just a singular recording.

For the Ruthenian DL, I’d like to see 3 cameras… a wide-view looking back from above the amvon, a wide view from above the nave doors, and a narrower one fixed on the royal doors. With five, Perhaps one aimed through the royal doors at the proskomedia table, and one through the deacon door at the holy table.

A single camera just behind the table under the chandelier worked quite well for recording the HDL when Eparch George came to Alaska, but it was not a good recording for educational use; you can not see much of the action, while for teaching purposes, a camera aimed through the iconostas, especially one like St. Nicholas’ (much grill-work of fine carving!) allows for explaining what is not seen; perhaps filming through the gap over the deacon doors…

Great ideas. Do you think Mother Angelica would go for it?

No clue. Heck, I don’t even know if the Metropolitan would go for it, either.

But until someone asks… there is no telling. Besides, I thought they went corporate, and Mother Angelica is not the “power to recon with” at EWTN anymore?

Don’t know if they’ve gone commercial, you can tell by the Pepsi logos:D

One other thought… The HDL of the Resurrection was recorded and made available on one of the Ruthenian Eparchial Websites as a web-download (audio). Perhaps the Hierarchs should address this at the next USCCB meeting? It’s something that might benefit the church as a whole, to let people see the variety of Catholic Expressions. And it would be one of the best tools for advancing the unity of the Holy Catholic Church to show and share the Divine Worship services of the various churches.

Many “Former Romans” turn to Orthodoxy or Schismatics (SSPX, Old Catholics) because they do not find what they need in the western liturgy nor phronema. They are all too often totally unaware of the Eastern Churches in Union.

They discover the DL of St John or St Basil, and it calls to them, in a nearly jungian sense… it fills the senses in ways the Roman often does not. The emphasis on ongoing religious education is also stronger in many Eastern Parishes, both cathlic and orthodox…

I’m considering a note to EWTN, myself. I know that EWTN has been carried full time in Anchorage for only a couple years… due to a petition drive.

Perhaps it is time to get the ball rolling.

YES, I’ll back you up 100%, put my name down 1,000,000 times.

If there has been one glaring weakness of EWTN, it has to be its lack of “coverage” or representation of the Eastern Catholic Churches. They’ve had a few series, but mostly real basic stuff. I think they blew a real opportunity to expose their viewers to the East after Pope John Paul II’s death (who can forget the Greek and Arabic chanting?). Point is, before they started broadcasting these Liturgies, there’d probably need to be some kind of explanation of the Eastern Catholic Churches and Rites. Perhaps a short series, or maybe even better, something to air just before the liturgy.

I hear you. I was able to witness John Paul II’nds. Funeral via live T.V. and couldn’t help but notice all the Eastern Hirearchs, Catholic and Orthodox, when I heard the Bishops chant Christos Anesti, I broke down in tears.I sang along with them.

Down deep I have to feel there is a reason for this lack of coverage. My guess: The Latin N.O. is pretty sterile if compared with the Divine Liturgy and all its trappings. I also think that the faithful want a Divine Service that looks more in line with what was celebrated over the centuries. Coming from a pre-VatII church myself I can personally say that the Divine Liturgy in my Orthodoxy church blew me completely away. If one needs to see how far the Mass has come over the years this would be a good comparison IMHO.

Here’s what I sent to viewer@ewtn.com

Feel free to use the same text.

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