EWTN and show on Depopulation


I saw a show on marriage and NFP as the only acceptable way to manage births. That made sense to me.

However, as the priest started talking about world depopulation it was pointed out the married couples must try to have babies. They cannot use NFP to avoid having children. I might have some issues with that in high poverty areas with no affordable housing. But that is not my status so I will not speculate about where I do not tread.

I am single. I felt an immediate guilt about this “depopulation.” I can approach this two ways . If anyone cares I can point out over many pages why it is better I am a single Catholic. I considered Holy orders as a young man but by mutual agreement that was set aside.

I have been engaged. Similarly my engagement went aside.

Unfortunately several disabilities have come upon me. When I see a television priest exuberant about bringing forth bouncing babies without qualifying that it is equally valid to be single. I do not know if I should be upset, or should I ask: Does the Catholic Church accept singles, I mean the kind with situations where they are not waiting Holy Orders nor are they likely to find a partner? In fact I confess, while I try to respect and love all people, I am poorly suited to deal with small children. It used to hurt, but I understand that aspect fully at present.


You have no reason to feel guilty about the state of life to which you are called. Remember, the priest himself is celibate and has no children. He was directing his comments to those who are called to the vocation of marriage and family.


I would not say that the Catholic Church does not acknowledge a vocation to the single life, but it seems to me that the Catholic Church regards either marriage or the priesthood/religious life as the two main paths one has to choose in life. Being single is often seen as simply a step to becoming either married or permanently single (as a priest, monk, etc.)


Being single is totally a vocation.
What can you do to help depopulation? Maybe you could help some of those people who can’t support their children - adoption doesn’t just mean you adopt babies.
BTW, I’m a woman who’s totally unsuited to deal with newborns, so I understand the small child thing.


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