EWTN Audio: Where did the archives go?

Where did all the download-able archives at the EWTN audio library go? It used to be the case that everything on EWTN was archived in RealMedia and made available for download. I used to download a lot of it, convert it to mp3, and listen to it at work on my mp3 player–much to my own edification. Well, I got a new computer and it took me a long time to getting around to getting a new RM to MP3 converter. Once I did, I went to the EWTN audio library and found that hardly anything is available for download anymore. Anybody know what happened???

Check in Libraries > Audio.

Are you accidentally trying Multimedia?

Yeah…that’s where I was checking.


EWTN sent me a private message saying that they are currently converting the archives to mp3.


Sounds good, the universal format.

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