EWTN Censored?

We have a problem with EWTN here in a small part of southern Illinois—our local cable provider, Mediacom, will not carry it. The last I heard, there are Catholics who live in Zeigler, Dowell, Elkville, Royalton, Desoto, Hurst, Bush, Herrin, Harrisburg, Cambria, Energy, Carterville, Crainville, Colp, Alto Pass, Cobden, Murphysboro, Marion, West Frankfort, Carbondale, Johntson City, Red Bud, Smithton, Hecker, Tilden and Coulterville, IL (I believe these are towns all covered in this Mediacom region). Almost every neighboring town with other providers carry EWTN. Most other Mediacom regions carry EWTN. Our household has been requesting the network for many years without even receiving so much as a polite explanation why they cannot or do not want to carry EWTN, which I understand does not charge providers for carriage. I am curious as to whether other Mediacom customers in these coverage areas, especially Carbondale, Carterville, Marion, and Herrin, IL are also wondering why we are one of the last areas not receiving EWTN on cable. If others in these areas have requested or would like to request EWTN on Mediacom in southern Illinois please contact me at cyberkotic@yahoo.com . Maybe if we worked as a unit, we could keep Mediacom from ignoring us.

Gerald Zimmerman
Carbondale, IL
One of the multiple epersonalities of

If all else fails, you can get EWTN on Dish tv or Direct tv sattellite. If a bunch of you give up your cable, maybe that will get their attention.

You can also access EWTN Live via the internet. :thumbsup:

I don’t know about Dish Network, but run screaming in the other direction from DirecTV! Everything about our experience with them was absolutely horrible! We only kept it for 3 weeks before going back to cable.:eek:

Maybe you could talk to people in your parish about getting together and contacting the company about getting EWTN…if it comes from a bunch of people, maybe that will help. If not, start checking out Mediacom’s competitors, and if you decide to switch, make sure you tell them why you are ditching them.

We’ve had DTV for over five years now, ever since we moved to the sticks of Alabama. We love it. We loved it even more when they picked up EWTN.


So, you’re the lucky one…:slight_smile:

We’ve had Dish tv for about 3 years now, and have had no problems with them. Maybe we’ve just been lucky.

We’ve had DirecTV for several years and are quite happy with it. Maybe I’m the other one.

DirecTV works fine for us, too.

I wish DirecTV offered both the English and Spanish versions of EWTN to everyone.

this may not be the right way to ask this question, like if i should start a new thread, but to anyone that watches the mass on EWTN has anyone seen Father Anthony Mary lately? Because of my work schedule I havent been able to watch it like I use to and when I have I never see him on there anymore. He always had the best homilys that always seem to make so much sence to me and explain things so well , he also was alot of the reason when I first started to become interested in the Catholic faith and was trying to decide what to do I watched the masses on tv and it became clear to me that this was the truth.

Contact your parish paper. They might be interested in running a story about this. Maybe they could get more of a response from the cable company than a private individual. If not, you could send a clipping of the story to the company, anyway.

Contact the Men’s club/Ladies Auxilliary/Youth Group director in your parish (after talking to your pastor, of course) and see if they’d be interested in a letter writing campaign.

Best of luck!

Sirius satellite radio has EWTN Spanish :smiley:


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