EWTN changing its website all around

EWTN is apparently in the process of a big website overhaul. I understand the site was a bit of a hodgepodge, and I presume they are going for a cleaner and easier-to-read look for the pages they choose to keep, but it appears that many of the prayer pages, a number of LIbrary selections, and some of the “Greatest Hits” responses to questions that we have relied on here (such as the one about Adoration via electronic means) have vanished into the ether.

I had about 25 EWTN pages with prayers and reading material bookmarked on my phone, most of which now come up as 404 Not Found and the remaining ones come up with an ugly page without the pictures and such which I previously enjoyed. Fortunately, the Internet Archive had everything stored, but it still took me about an hour this morning to redirect all of my EWTN prayer and devotional bookmarks.

I won’t be hitting EWTN site regularly for any of these resources any more, just going straight to the Archive page, so presumably they won’t miss my hits.

Anybody else having an issue with this?

I will be sending a big donation to the Internet Archive today because I would really miss a lot of those prayer pages, including the pictures which I had become used to seeing with the prayers.


Yes you are correct. I noticed it last week. the library is completely redone and sadly, some of the resources are gone. How do you access the archive page?

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Maybe you tried this already but if you go to the top extreme left of the home page there are three horizontal lines. Click on that and a menu drops down and one of the submenus is called Catholicism which has underneath…Daily Readings, teachings, devotions, etc. If you click on devotions there is a section for prayers.

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I guess I should link to the page…


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Usually you have to have the old link bookmarked in order to plug it into Wayback Machine at archive.org. I managed to rummage around in my bookmarks and Google cache and find the indexes for the old document library and old prayer pages. Here are the archived indexes. If you click the links on these pages it should pull up the archived version of the old document or prayer, assuming the old page was archived, which so far they all seem to be.

Archived Document Index is here:

Archived Devotionals page with links to indexes of archived prayers, novenas and litanies is here:

Yes, they are moving a lot of the prayers to the new format and adding redirects to the old prayer links so you now get taken to the new page if they kept the prayer on the website. But my problem is that the prayers are not all there (maybe they’re going to add more later) and also I don’t like the format of the new pages. I realize the idea was to have a uniform format that may work better on tablets and be easier to read with bigger print and fewer pictures that no doubt take up server space and don’t display well on every device, but I don’t use a tablet and generally dislike pages formatted with big print for tablets.

I noticed the change when I went to pull up a St. Joseph’s prayer for St. Joseph First Wednesday and got redirected to a totally different-looking gray page, which did have the prayer, but without the nice picture of St. Joseph I was used to seeing.

I kind of figured this would happen one day as EWTN’s website did look about 10 years behind the times, so I can’t say I was surprised. Just glad that I found all my friendly-looking old pages with the saint pictures and such in the Wayback Machine.

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Got it. Thanks.

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