EWTN Daily Mass Homilies

Todays Homily on the daily mass was great. Do they archive those anywhere for future viewing?

Yeah – you can see at least the past few days’ worth on the EWTN YouTube channel.


The humility and the love of God is absolutely amazing.

If you go onto the website www.ewtn.com and then go to the libraries tab, you will be given the choice of “Document library” or “Audio library”. If you go to “Latest additions”, you’ll get a list of all the TV series that have had audio files added to the library in the last 14 days. If you scroll down to Today’s Homily, the homilies from the last 2 weeks should be stored there as audio files (not video). If you follow the instructions, you can either lsiten straight away or download to your computer to listen whenever you like. The files are (I believe) free as long as you only use them for personal use.

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