EWTN & Digital Transition

Does anyone know anything about when EWTN will be broadcasting digitally? Is this dependent on location? Does anyone know anything?

You’ll need to contact EWTN and your local cable provider to find out what will happen in your community.

If you have cable or satellite, which I would safely assume you do if you are watching EWTN, the digital transition should not affect you.

We have EWTN broadcast over-the-air on regular analog TV in the Twin Cities (channel 19 hereabouts) and NO signal on channel 19 with the digital converter hooked up.

Your Channel 19 is a local station which carries the feed from EWTN. Their website says they are not required to meet the February 17th deadline but do plan to switch to digital broadcasting sometime early in 2009 anyway.

To the best of my knowledge the only television signals broadcast by EWTN are via satellite and internet. Any analog to digital conversion issues are strictly matters for local broadcast signal and cable providers.

Yes we have a local broadcast of EWTN, I think you’re right though. I just haven’t had any luck tracking down (for instance) a website or anything for our local station.

Well, that is an issue with your local station. The local station determines whether the over-the-air signal is digital or analog or both.

According to the FCC site, K19ER is licensed as follows:

CATHOLIC VIEWS BROADCASTS, INC. **Address: ** 50 SOUTH FRANKLIN TURNPIKE SUITE 1 Address 2: P. O. BOX 297 City: RAMSEY State: NJ Zip Code: 07446 - 0297
I hope this helps.

A couple of things to keep in mind:

Low power stations are hot necessarily going to be required (at least initially) to transfer over to a digital broadcast. But you will still be able to view them with your traditional analog tuner on the original channel if they don’t go digital immediately and remain analog for the time being.

Channel 19 on over the air analog may not be channel 19 digitally. The channel numbers become something of irrelevant in the transition as it is the frequency upon which they are broadcasting that matters. So search things out a bit further and see if you can find conversion charts for the analog to digital channels.

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