EWTN Family Celebration

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Are any of you going to the EWTN Family Celebration this year? Its July 21-22 in Birmingham. We booked our room yesterday and I’m so excited. Fr. Benedict Groeschel is going to be the speaker on Sunday and I can’t wait to hear him!!

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Here’s a link to their website if anyone wants to check it out:



This is the only thread I could find on this event so I’m resurrecting the thread.

We just booked our tickets too & I’m really looking forward to the trip. Our plan is to attend ‘Life on the Rock’ & visit the Shrine in Hanceville before the celebration. Enjoy the weekend, I’m sure it will be great.:thumbsup:

Pax Domini.:slight_smile:

I would love to be able to go to the Shrine and studios before hand but I’ve got to work so we’re leaving on Friday night. (only about a 3 hr drive to Birmingham)

I’m so excited!!! Especially to get to har Fr. Groeschel on Sunday!! That’s what I’m most looking forward to!

so what did y’all think of it? I thought Fr. Groeshel was awesome!!! I bet he has some stories to tell! At the mass, I received the eucharist from Fr. John that cowrote “Catholicism for Dummies”. I watch his show all the time and have used his book to answer my questions during RCIA. WOW! Was that special!

I thought it was great!

Well, I was wondering if anyone had a thread going on this.

I went Saturday afternoon/night, stayed for the live program. It was very good. Also got to meet Marcus Grodi :thumbsup:, I bought *Journeys Home *and he signed it for me! Yippy!

I’ve seen the new book Catholicism for Dummies…I may have to purchase that one.

I wish that I could have attended the whole thing. It was great what time that I was there.


I really enjoyed Marcus’s talk. He’s an interesting man. It was neat to hear what all he went thru before he became catholic. It’s interesting that he and Scott Hahn have been thru so much together.

What did you think of Saturday’s Mass? I only went on Sunday.

I tuned in to some of the live events on TV. I suppose it can be exciting to attend something like this.

I caught Fr. Groeschel’s presentation and it was pretty good. He didn’t get much into the Pope’s book, but he had to confine himself to his time slot. I think the book is excellent (just finished second reading) but I had to work on it a lot. Gotta pay attention closely to what he’s saying. He runs through the Bible like a race car driver drives and you have to ‘hang on’ through all the ‘curves.’

Honestly, I think EWTN overblows these anniversaries. I think they are obviously too self-congratulatory. You know that when Mother Angelica passes away, they will launch their full effort into her canonization. You can be certain that they have started the paperwork and collecting all the evidence. They are just a little too obviously a cult. There are millions who LOVE Mother Angelica, but I was never that wild about her. Blah, blah, blah.

I am sure people have said the same thing about Mother Theresa.
Personally, I am thankful to have EWTN to watch. I always seem to learn something as a new covert. I think Mother Angelica did us all a great service thru her hard work to keep EWTN going. I feel that she is easy to understand because she has had the life experience to explain things on a more human level to the people of today. Some of us enjoy the sense of humor that she has kept thru her teachings.

Thanks Mother Angelica and EWTN! You are great!


Well, bless your heart, you just aren’t very excited about EWTN…

Have you read the book about Mother Angelica?

A cult? That’s a little harsh, in my opinion. What makes you draw that conclusion?

So, you think EWTN will make money if Mother is canonized…what, do they own her or something?


Regardless of you opinons, EWTN has kept the truth of the Church alive, they haven’t allowed outsiders to sway the teachings of the Church. EWTN has brought alot of people to the Catholic Church.

I watched it on televison and thought it was great. The talks
are inspiring to me. Last year I attended the celebration in
Philadelphia and loved it. I am so glad that this will be a yearly
event, I was hoping that they would do that. I don’t view it as
self-congratulatory at all. EWTN has brought many souls to Christ
and better informed many of us. It is a chance for the EWTN family to get together, have Mass together and be inspired.
I think Mother Angelica is an incredible example of following God’s
will, she is great! :slight_smile:

DH and I were planning to go but didn’t get to b/c I was really sick (I didn’t even go to work that Wed, Thurs, & Fri, before) . I was so upset that I didn’t get to go. I even cried a little.:o I TiVoed Marcus Grodi and Fr. Groeschel’s talks. Marcus’s was really good. Haven’t listened to Fr. Groeschel’s yet. Can’t wait to hear it.

Does anyone think that this will be done every year? I know it was originally for their 25th anniversary last year but it seemed on TV like they had a large crowd this time too. I think its good to have things like that.

I think they will try to do it as long as there is interest. Just to have that “upper”, the “shot in the arm” is nice and helps some people. I think it could get old, but they will be able to tell that soon enough. For now, EWTN is watched more than ever before.
I just wish they would come to CT or close by, not just Alabama and bring some “Catholic joy” with them. The liberal states get neglected. :frowning:

I hate to think of Mother not being here, but I think they know now the station will go on…just like Fr. Grochels order will without him, but many, many people will miss them and I hope it’s not for a long time.

I thought I heard someone say (I can’t remember who) that they
would continue to do this once a year. :slight_smile:

I sure hope they continue to do it! It was so wonderful to be with so many like minded people. I get excited about something I see on EWTN and my roomate just rolls her eyes at me as if I belong to a cult. It was great to hear others get excited to see Fr. Groeshel or others that are on EWTN in person.

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