EWTN general availability in US

What areas of the US has better availablility of receiving EWTN on TV than others?

Does Canada get EWTN? If so do they get the American feed? I would like some input on this as to how widely available is EWTN. I know one can watch it live online on their website by the way.

Yep, Canada gets EWTN. You can recieve it on Rogers Cable, Shaw Satellite, and Bell. I don’t know about others.

We can receive it here in southern California with most cable or satellite providers. But it tends to be in the cable tiers that require a converter box. I think very few, if any, people can get it as part of “basic cable”.

My parents live in Houston, Texas and can only get it by purchasing a premium cable digital package that comes bundled with hundreds of channels. They watch hardly any TV but have a huge cable bill just to get EWTN. It’s too bad its not easier to get, but I can kinda understand why it doesn’t get priority over other channels in cable packages (low demand).

I don’t subscribe to cable at all, or have any worthwhile antenna reception on my ancient TV. The only way I would ever subscribe to cable is if I got married and my wife really wanted it or if cable packages could be entirely customized for each subscriber. There’s only a handful of channels that are worth watching in my view. Most channels air either intellectual drivel or immoral drivel.

Comcast is our cable provider and EWTN is only available on the premium tier channels which cost more. Of course there are several evangelical stations included in the basic digital service at no extra charge. :rolleyes:

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