EWTN is boring

So I know this is pretty much heresey to say this but I think EWTN is boring…

I mean there are no programs geared towards college students… Believe it or not Catholic College students use social media like other people… And no one has utilized social media to reach out to us…

Papa Benedict has a Twitter and even that’s not much fun :frowning:

They Church needs to utilize social media more… Bring it into the 21st Century…

Every time I turn on the channel all I see is a bunch of old Nuns praying… I don’t want to watch Nuns praying… Students like me what informative, interesting, cutting edge, and hype programming…

Not a 90 year old nun on the tube (no offense to people who like that stuff)… :frowning:

I’m sorry you feel that way. The Bishop of my Diocese has made it priority for Priests & Deacons who serve in college towns throughout the Diocese to reach out to college aged Catholics and I think it’s a great effort.

In addition, I know of a handful of younger Priests in my Diocese who utilize Facebook to reach out to young people. I wished these outreach programs existed when I was in college in the early 90’s.

The 10 part brand new documentary “Catholicism”.


Let me see, the “old nun” is on on Tuesday evenings, guess that is the only time you have looked at EWTN?

Crossing the Goal


Catholicism on Campus


Faith and Culture


Saints Alive!


I will tell you what I tell my high school students when they complain that reading literature is boring…

Producing high quality video is EXPENSIVE! Imagine getting all of our information via video…The cost would be astronomical…

I do not watch EWTN for the entertainment value, I watch it for information and sometimes to be uplifted (watching 90 year old nuns is definitely that - imagine someone devoting her life to praying for you and me).

If we want EWTN to produce more entertaining shows we need to be sending in money to the network. Another suggestion would be to produce some entertaining shows and provide them to EWTN for airing.

I suggest “The Journey Home” @8pm Mondays.

Look up Father Robert Barron’s YouTube videos. He speaks very well, makes you think about things in different ways, breaks things down and really explains them.

I agree some of the content is a bit under produced and somewhat boring. I still watch the network all the time. I agree the Catholicism series the best thing I have seen as far as production value on the site. For more info also check out wordonfire.org and youtube search Catholicclips . Hope this is a help.

The Vatican has a YouTube Channel


Thank you for your honesty. I 'll be honest too: I agree, and I am no longer in college. I do not fault EWTN; I think they do the best they can with limited resources, and I would agree with some who have replied that they would do better with more support. All that being said, EWTN is not a place I go when I have time to watch television. There are a few wonderful programs, and I am comforted to know that the good sisters are praying for me and for us all, but I need something that makes me think.

There are a few places I go online. One is this site; people occasionally write something that get me thinking (You, for instance, just did!). Another is bustedhalo.com. Another is America Magazine’s online site. Commonweal, National Catholic Register…they all make me think and help me to continue to engage myself with my faith and the faith of the Church. I don’t have to agree with them, but I do want something that engages me, challenges me, forces me to consider what my faith really is. Vatican.va, the Vatican website, will connect you to a whole range of materials from the Pope and from the Curia; the original documents are not always exciting, but they are substantial and rich.

Not all of these will be instantly engaging. But if you take the time, you will find things of interest, and you will find yourself immersed.

I’m going to split the difference between what you wrote and what some others have replied: You are right: it is not all instantly engaging. And the great good news that Jesus Christ, the only son of God, became one of us, and died for us, and rose for us is sometimes far too taken for granted by those who present it. But by the same token, it is also easy to look for something that is easily engaging, even entertaining, and to miss that at much deeper level, things that need to be appreciated deeply are going on.

God bless you, mro, for what you have ventured to write; may it be a challenge to us all to become more engaged and to present the Gospel in a way that it will speak to young men and women of good will, as our late Pope, Blessed John Paul urged us in his discussion of the New Evangelization, and as our current Holy Father, Pope Benedict, has challenged us again and again to do.

One thing that would be helpful, mro, both for yourself and for those we *should *be reaching but aren’t, is to take up a question and perhaps share your answers here: What concretely should we be doing to reach out to young people like yourself who are the hope of the Church? If you wish, you might also ask some other young Catholics and Christians–they could offer great insights!

I look forward to your reply, and to the replies of others who may be willing to take on that question!

Thank you again, mro, for writing!

I actually love EWTN.

Guess I’m in the minority. :stuck_out_tongue:

Uh…have you ever listened to “the old nun”? She is hysterical. And she is also the powerhouse that made EWTN come into being.

As for the rest of your post, I think it would be a good idea to write a letter to EWTN stating your concerns, and making it very clear what people your age would actually watch and be interested in. Turn your criticism into constructive criticism.

Please consider doing that, and possibly include a few of your peers and make it a group effort.

I think EWTN would love to hear from you.


Also check out www.wordonfire.org

It’s been doing just that since the New Evangelization began a decade ago. EWTN is wonderful, but it’s just the tip of the iceberg. There are Catholic people, pages, and groups all over Facebook, and the same goes for Twitter and YouTube. You just need to get out there and start searching. See if your local priest or parish has a Facebook profile or page.

I’m a fan of various Facebook pages, such as EWTN, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops (USCCB), Catholic Answers, Priests for Life, my local diocese, and a variety of others. Every day when I log on, I have a whole page of updates and information that helps me learn and grow in the Faith.

I have no interest in Twitter, but just about everyone with a Facebook page has a Twitter account, so do a little searching.

On YouTube, you can check out a bunch of channels: vatican, romereports, EWTN, catholiccom, H2ONews, etc., or just search for Catholic themed videos and vlogs.

God bless you as you seek the Truth!

I have learned a great deal from the various programming on EWTN, but I do hear your concerns. I can see how a great of it’s programming may not be as stimulating as many in our society are used to in this day of digital media.

On a different note, I have found myself of late a bit put off by some of their subtle pleas for donations (not faulting them here; this economy is tough and I bet they are feeling it too).

But the one that bothers me the most is the voice over by Barbara McQwiging (sp?) at the end of Religious Catalog.

She makes the comment that it was Mother Angelica’s wish that EWTN’s Religious Catalog be the major resource supplier for religious articles for people.

I remember watching an older clip of Mother talking about how it wasnt so much her concern that people buy form HER per say, but her desire that people buy reminds and things to help them grow in the faith.

It bothers me now that they are using Mother as some sort of marketing tool to get people to buy from Religious Catalog.
Again, I know that they are hurting for resources. I get that. I just wish they wouldnt use Mother Angelica to get people to buy FROM them.

Mother Angelica is on twice daily M-F leading the rosary – I think this is what the OP is talking about.

You may also want to check out Life on the Rock on EWTN this is aimed at college aged individuals.

Actually, it is seen 7 days a week, not just M-F. :wink:

I’m sorry, but I get extremely frustrated when I see this accusation levied (and I don’t mean to pick on you mro, because the sentiment is not uncommon and I have encountered it many times before).

First, it frustrates me because it simply is not true that “no one has utilized social media to reach out to us.” If that were true, you wouldn’t be on this site posting this thread to begin with. Catholics are all over the new social media.

Second, it frustrates me because the implicit assumption is that young people need to be catered to on their own terms or else they’re simply not interested in the Gospel message. We’re talking about the Deposit of Faith, not a commercial product. Every person has a right to hear the Deposit of Faith proclaimed in all its rigor and vigor, but that doesn’t mean the only way we can absorb it is through constant titillation.

Is there room for improvement? Certainly. Should we look at utilizing the new forms of social communication in increasing frequency? Absolutely. But to say that no one is doing anything with the new media is an insult to the many, many Catholics who have labored tirelessly and given years of their life doing just that.

Sorry if this came off as a bit passionate. :o

“Life On the Rock” is geared towards college age Catholics. Ever watch the program?

I am also a big fan of this site… Father Barron is amazing

Spread the word!:thumbsup:

And welcome home!:slight_smile:

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