EWTN is setting-up studio at Christ Cathedral in Orange County


EWTN is setting-up studio at Christ Cathedral in Orange County, CA.

EWTN setting up West Coast studio at Christ Cathedral in Orange County

This seems like a very positive development. How wonderful! Another sign that orthodoxy is returning to the Catholic Church in CA where it has long been absent. I suspect Pope Francis will visit Christ Cathedral when it’s finished. It’s going to be such a gorgeous cathedral and grounds. I hope he visits to consecrate the cathedral. Outside of Rome, this will have to be one of the most awe-inspiring Catholic events anywhere in the world.


Do they have a date yet when everyting will be ready?

I congratulate them on having a studio in the western United States.


:slight_smile: I am excited for this. The Christ Cathedral is not too far from where I live, but I still haven’t been there in years and should like to visit soon.


I remember my son & I visiting it , about 9 or 10 years ago, when it was still the Crystal
Cathedral . Very impressive ! Hope I’ll be able to visit it again ; as the Christ Cathedral ! :slight_smile:


Wonderful, so glad it is now Christ’s Cathedral. God Bless, Memaw


Listening to EWTN discuss this apparently its mainly for Spanish speakers across the Globe and of course in America. Christ Cathedral and EWTN would be lovely to see.


I highly doubt Pope Francis will be there in person to consecrate the Christ Cathedral. But like recent cathedrals in LA and Oakland, I think Pope Francis will likely designate a Papal Envoy or at least send a letter and apostolic blessings.

I’m curious if EWTN will, in the future, broadcast the different liturgies from Christ Cathedral.


Our Lady of the Angels Cathedral is now almost 12 years old. The Cathedral of Christ the Light is almost 6 years old. Both were built and consecrated in a very different California in terms of its Catholic leadership and under very different popes.

What makes Christ Cathedral so special is its potential as a place of pilgrimage. No other Catholic cathedral or “campus” in the US can match it as a place of pilgrimage for a variety of reasons. EWTN setting up shop is one more reason. I hope that the Pope will consecrate Christ Cathedral. In any event there is no doubt that it will be on his list the next time he visits the USA.


I looked at the pictures, and it’s quite…large. and 21st century. I enjoy the more traditional church buildings, especially one with such a great shrine, which was visited by the Pope (as was my 2nd favorite, in St. Louis, the Cathedral).

I’m going to have to stick with my favorite, that not only matches but exceeds it for pilgrimages, beauty and more: nationalshrine.com/site/c.osJRKVPBJnH/b.4719297/k.BF65/Home.htm


I love the Basilica of the Natuonal Shrine of the Immaculate Conception. I donate money and receive a calendar every year as well as wonderful Lenten readings. Somedat I hope to visit there.
However, since I live in the southwest I might make it to Christ Cathedral first.

There is a lot of money involved with rennovations and cleaning of the organs as well as rennovations of the church itself and the campus.
It sounds like they got a good deal for the purchase price. I
pray it is God’s will for the Cathedral to last centuries. I am sure Robert Schuller did not foresee the day he would lose what used to be Crystal cathedral until the recessions hit.
Is there a date yet for completion does anyone know?


Christ Cathedral was built over 30 years ago based upon an award winning design by noted architect Philip Johnson. While it bothers some, it’s without question an objectively beautiful structure. It’s a large edifice but it doesn’t seem larger than the cathedrals in Los Angeles or NYC. The 34 acre campus is a different story. It seems large, much like a college campus or a Silicon Valley corporate campus.

We all have our favorites and that’s great but it’s wrong to attack Christ Cathedral as being “Protestant”, “non-Catholic” or “ugly.” It’s not, at least not from a truly objective viewpoint.


I like to think that God used Robert Schuller and company to build the Crystal Cathedral campus so that it would be eventually subsumed by His Catholic Church.


I had the same idea! :slight_smile:


Your idea of an “objective viewpoint” and mine are very different.


I can understand your pride (I assume you live in Orange, CA). Yes, the Christ Cathedral campus is unique. I love that the campus houses the chancery, a school, conference center, and many other buildings, besides the actual cathedral, on the campus. EWTN’s addition will certainly make use of the vast space available on the large campus.

Pope Francis doesn’t strike me as very different from the previous popes. In fact, it was Pope St. John Paul II that chose Archbishop Bergoglio to become a cardinal and it was Benedict XVI that approved the design of the Oakland cathedral. Even with the change in leadership, the differences aren’t that great, just subtle. Each cathedral will have its own uniqueness as a place of pilgrimage, as the cathedral is a natural center for the life of the diocese. In this case, it will be the Diocese of Orange’s turn to celebrate as it finally gets its own cathedral since being made its own diocese from Los Angeles in 1976.


It’s not my “idea.” It’s about objective reality. Some people clearly think that their subjective personal opinion of something like the design of a building is objective and that’s not always the case. Christ Cathedral is an objectively beautiful building based solely on the merits of its design. There’s really no debating that as it does meet the objective criteria for beautiful design.

However that does not mean that everyone will like it, nor will everyone agree that the design is appropriate for a church. Like any structure the appropriateness of its design to its surroundings also play a huge part. None of these however change the fact that Christ Cathedral is an objectively beautiful design.

Personally, my concern is that the Diocese of Orange not try to change Christ Cathedral into something that it is not, namely a Gothic structure or the like. If the remodel is executed as well as the original design, it will be one of the most stunning houses of Catholic worship in the world.

So yes, our subjective personal opinions no doubt differ, but neither change the objective beauty of Christ Cathedral.


I don’t live in Orange, CA nor Orange County, CA for that matter.

Pope Francis strikes me as being far more independent. If he wanted to take part in a celebration in Garden Grove, CA (the location of Christ Cathedral) I think he would even if his advisers advised him not to.


Since you quoted me within the above reply, I’d like to ask where I said that the Christ Cathedral was Protestant, non-Catholic or ugly. Please do not put words in my mouth when it’s nowhere in the original post or quote. But since you brought it up, the pictures I have seen of it, do resemble Protestant church buildings more than Catholic ones, at least at this time.

Also, it’s not ‘without question’ an objectively beautiful structure. Beauty is subjective, and there is no ‘absolute’, not in art, not in humans, not even in nature. (Few would agree that an armadillo is beautiful, but some people would find beauty in it.)

The Pope is the Pope is the Pope. Different personalities, sure, but the same Catholic Church.


I didn’t say you said that, but a great many have and it’s simply not true, much like your comment “…the pictures I have seen of it, do resemble Protestant church buildings more than Catholic ones…” There are all sorts of such buildings.

Actually that’s not accurate. The design of Christ Cathdral follows the tenants of great, beautiful design. It’s beautiful based solely on its design. Many learned people may not personally care for the design and they are free to communicate their feelings but if they are being honest, they will also acknowledge that the building is beautiful based on the tenants of design.

Those that attack this building (particularly those that have never visited it) should be more honest about what drives their dislike.


I like the Our Lady of Angels Cathedral and I am looking forward to checking out Christ Cathedral in a few years. I think it is pretty close to Disneyland, could be an interesting trip! :rolleyes:

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