EWTN kids stream on IPad?

We got sick of all the junk on tv and we cut the cable about 2 mos ago. I really miss EWTN but I can still see some on the Roku. Does anybody know if we can stream EWTN kids cartoons on an IPad? The Friar, My Catholic Family, are the ones they miss.

Thank you,

“they” as in my children. Lol

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You should be able to from the EWTN websites.

Try here:ewtn.com/multimedia/live.asp

I had a problem getting my cable company to let me purchase EWTN. I live on a college campus and they said that it would cost me $17.50 to get EWTN because of all the extra channels that come with it.

I wrote an email to my cable provider requesting that they change their bundle. We get 3 protestant channels (2 national and 1 local) but we don’t get any Catholic television. I explained how important that channel was to me and how that’s the only change I would like to see in my cable service but it didn’t help.

I ended up getting an HDMI cord for my laptop and just connecting it to my TV to stream the EWTN shows that I enjoy. EWTN can also be viewed on an iPad with an internet connection. This sort of cumbersome tangle of wires has solved my problem and saved me 17.50 a month.

It’s sad that where I live, there aren’t enough Catholics to warrant EWTN on basic cable. At my parents house, it is within the first 16 channels. :frowning:

EWTN here, across the pond as they say, is 3.75 per montjh, it comes with a few other channels but it’s only available when you have digital cable, with a box. I’ve got that, but when we order the channel, it’ll be there for a few weeks then disappear, so I haven’t got the patience and I watch it online now too!

I never thought of a HDMI cable! Good idea!

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