EWTN Mass and the Roman Rite Catholic Mass

If there is a beautiful way on how the Novus Ordo is celebrated, its the way EWTN does the Mass. My question is why can’t all Masses be as beautiful as how they celebrate the liturgy? It seems almost every parish I went to that celebrates the Mass is in a sense where the liturgy is watered down or looks like a Protestant service. Why is this so?

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Because politics and personal preferences galore get in the way.

Hmm. Will the Church fix this?

. . . and because doing it the way EWTN does requires considerable extra work.

The Mass on EWTN is Francisan.

It is not the same Mass as the Ordinary Form that you see in a parish in Hartford.


They do celebrate the Ordinary Form of the Mass I thought?

Yes, they do. And if celebrated ad orientem, it would be even more beautiful. It’s a shame that Catholics who want liturgical rubrics to be followed are pushed to one rite or another (or one usage of a particular rite) instead of being able to take for granted that the clergy and sacred ministers will obey. But at days end, one of the jobs of us lay people is to pray and be obedient (and often suffer because of disobedience and liturgical abuse and irreverence). We must change ourselves and let our example change others. I often remind myself that my job is not to save the Church, but to allow the Grace i receive through the Church to save me. Keep up the fight :thumbsup:

Absolutely. They celebrate it by doing the red and saying the black, being reverent, and using music that is special to worship.

It looks like a protestant service because there were 6 protestant ministers who were “observers” on the Vatican II liturgy committee. They apparently had a strong influence. Read the Vatican II document on ecumenism.

:eek: i didnt know they had an influence!

This is false period. This is the claim Sedevacantists make but it is pure nonsense. I am not talking about the Novus Ordo itself but how some priests celebrate it, unlike EWTN where it looks like a actually holy liturgy. The fact you make this claim is very laughable, as even the Sedevacantists also claim the Eastern Orthodox were at the council, but they were Eastern Rite Catholic bishops.

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I agree the EWTN Masses are very reverent, and I really enjoy watching them. I wish our Masses were like them also. We do have one parish priest who makes any and every mass reverent. I have told him that “you could make a roller derby seem reverent.”…he’s just amazing in his celebration of the Mass.

Like what? Of course, they have music every day, which requires planning and coordination. Perhaps most parishes could not manage this. But basically everything else can be managed, even if there is only one priest and no deacon.

I’m not saying it can’t be managed. Obviously, the fact that EWTN manages it shows that it can be done. But not every parish is willing to put forth the effort to “do” Mass that well, every day of the year.

That’s highly unfortunate. It doesn’t take much, just a bit of purpose and what I might call “gravity” in doing things, that is, the priest doing what he is supposed to do with a heavy air of deliberateness and calm. There really isn’t much that characterizes EWTN Masses. They are just celebrated deliberately, calmly, without rush, and you can tell that every gesture has been thought through before it is done, but it is not at all afflicted or effete.

Music excepted, I can’t really see any good reason why this kind of thing can’t be done at every parish for daily Mass. It doesn’t seem like this really requires much effort. What is so special about EWTN Masses? They are very simple, yet they exude reverence. That shouldn’t be hard to do.

Because I like guitars and dancing.

Just kidding. But I don’t hold the EWTN Mass to be the ideal either. Everyone’s going to have different preferences.

I like how EWTN does the daily Masses. I like the mix of English and Latin in it. There is much reverence all around shown by the priests who offer the Mass and the laity in the pews with their behaviors. We need more like that in my humble opinion (not necessarily the language mix, that is optional).

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