EWTN Mass footage


I’ve read in another thread on this forum about how EWTN used to offer Mass Ad Orientem. Does anyone have or know of where I can find video footage of this? Thanks.

Pax Tecum,

If I had an EWTN-style mass ad orientem, I’d not only go to it on Sundays, I’d try to make it to at least a few daily masses a week as well! That’s how the NO should be conducted!:smiley:

There was a time in the old chapel when it appeared that the priest was facing the same way as the congregation which is what ad orientem is but it is a misunderstanding of what they were doing at EWTN.

See in the old chapel the public sat on one side of the altar and the nuns sat on the other side behind the screen. The priest faced the nuns and seeing that this Mass was the conventual Mass and the priest was facing the nuns it can not truly to be said that it was ad orientem.

Actually Mother Angelica did say on one of her programs that it WAS “ad orientum” and intended to be that way.

When Bishop Foley took over the Diocese there in Alabama he ordered that all televised Masses be said with the priest facing the congregation.

The “conventual Mass” I believe went to the newly built shrine and they sit on the side behind a screen. Mass in the Shrine I would think is always said “Ad Orientum”, with Holy Communion distributed at the communion rail. This is because I have seen Mass in the shrine televised- and it was “ad orientum” with Holy Communion distributed at the communion rail- even with a communion cloth draped over it when the time came for Holy Communion.

Anyone ever gone to the EWTN shrine for the conventual Mass please inform us if that is the case.


I probably have VHS tapes of this stuff… somewhere. Unfortunately, it won’t be any time soon that I can digitialize it and make it available. But just envision it for yourself, with the priest standing on the other side of the altar from what you see now.

All of this was exactly what I was going to say. I visit the Shrine somewhat frequently - I am lucky enough to live only a couple of hours away from it. I absolutely love attending Masses there. Our pastor wants to put our communion rail back up, but he’s done it before in other parishes in our diocese, and the bishop has told him that he cannot do it again. :frowning: Normally, during the Easter season, he will also celebrate Mass ad orientum, and he distributes with the bulletins, the Holy Father’s writings on the subject to explain it to everyone. Some people objected, but most were very supportive! Anyway, back to your questions, it’s been a while, but from what I remember, the conventual Masses I have attended there were celebrated ad orientum and Holy Communion is distributed at the rail.

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