EWTN Missionaries?

I’m just curious…

Is anyone here an EWTN Missionary?

I’m interested in doing this, and have already sought approval from my priest to do this at my parish.

Has anyone here ever done this volunteer work for EWTN? If so, do you have any tips, or lessons learned that you can share with me?

I’m an EWTN missionary.

EWTN sends me schedules every couple of months, and I stuff them in our church bulletin (with my pastor’s permission of course). A couple of times a year (Holy Week, Christmas) they send posters to put up inside the church entrances. I also make available EWTN promotional material (schedules, posters, and whatever else they send me) at our parish feast’s evangelization table.

That’s probably typical if EWTN is on your cable system. If it isn’t, of course you can organize an effort get it put on, or work with those who have already organized such an effort. If there is a group working to get EWTN on radio in your area, you should support their efforts as well.

I am an EWTN Media Missionary too. Every other month I receive
the program schedules in the mail and I simply leave a pile of
them at every church exit, in the vestibule of the chuch and
especially in the room outside our adoration chapel. It takes very
little time and I am very happy to do this to help the network that
I love so much. :slight_smile:

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