EWTN Programming: Bookmark - New take on Screwtape Letters

Host Doug Keck will be interviewing author Mary Eberstadt and reviewing her book titled “The Loser Letters”.

From the “EWTN Wings” email I received, it sounds as if Eberstadt will be personifying her main character (A.F. Christians) during her interview.

Eberstadt’s lead character - who she named A.F. Christian, chronicles the conversion of a young adult Christian to atheism and her open letters to the “spokesmen of the New Atheism” explain her reasons for rejecting God and the logical consequences of that choice. Along the way she offers advice to famous atheists such as Richard Dawkins and Christopher Hitchens, in the hope of helping them win over more Christians.

Preview of the book and reviews are available at:


“Bookmark” show times are listed at ewtn.com/bookmark/index.asp

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