EWTN radio last night?

anyone listening around 8:30pm (MT) last night? Was that Christopher West? I was in the car on my way home and darnit if I didn’t have to stop and get milk before the store closed at 9!! It was on sex and marriage and he quoted The Princess Bride…I thought it was him, but not sure. I checked their website but no luck finding an answer…does anyone know which talk that was and by whom?? Thanks!:thumbsup:

I didn’t hear the radio, but I did hear Christopher West speak at a conference a couple years ago, and he did talk about sex and marriage, and (much to the delight of the 1/2 of the audience who recognized it) did quote The Princess Bride.

So it could well have been him.

I think the funniest part of that is the priest who married us had a bit of a speech impediment; so when he first said “marriage” in the ceremony, between our nerves, the stress of a wedding day, etc. we all but busted out laughing; that was probably the most self-control I’ve ever exerted…:o

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