EWTN Radio, Oh My

I’m away on business and as a result in a rental car with satellite radio. I ran across EWTN radio on channel 130 and heard Mother Angelica for the first time. She was funnier than the rude guys on the ‘comedy’ channels, more direct than any protestant minister.

I understand that the dear lady is not well and was curious as to whether anyone knows how she is doing and if one can write to her.




They play all her classics on TV, too. She is a great blessing to the Church, IMHO.:slight_smile:

Ewtn.com has this posted

Mother Angelica enjoyed a peaceful celebration of her 89th birthday on April 20 with her favorite ice cream. Her health continues to be stable. We thank all of you for your prayers!

From The Sisters at Our Lady of the Angels
Monastery on May 15, 2012

You may wish to visit that site to find out how to send her a message.

Thank you Adrift!

I am quite familiar with the Shrine, since perhaps one day, I think I may end up there as a Knight, so I think the Shrine may just end up becoming my home, but when I was there, for 3 times, I had a dear dream to visit Mother, but to no avail, the Knights get to go in there sometimes for cleaning, and the Sisters but thats it. I know, I was pretty sad at finding out. From what I gather from the folks there, She knows and she hears you etc., but since that stroke, She just cant respond. At least thats what I think I was told :shrug:

Its a bit odd, that Our LORD would silence such a great voice as Mother, but IMO, this is her purgatory and IMO when she dies, I think shes going to heaven and bypassing purgatory, but, my speculation, nothing else :shrug:

I find her advice quite practical. She’s a hoot most of the time as well. And she definitely has a heart for people and for our Lord! She’s wonderful!

You should watch her show on EWTN, they play old episodes all the time.

I think that messages can be sent via EWTN.

Also, for anyone who has a Roku device, the EWTN channel is available on there. Mother Angelica Classics is available on demand with that (as well as The Journey Hom, EWTN Live and others).

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