EWTN show "The Friar"

Does anyone know if any of these shows are online in english anywhere… It is my favorite show and I can only find the episodes in spanish. It stop coming on EWTN.


Edit: Ah, nevermind. the more I watch, i understand… It’s beautiful in spanish and you can still follow along.

I stumbled upon the show while clicking through the channels. It’s so cute! I love watching it every saturday & I’m a 16 year old girl

I’m bumping this because we just found it and LOVE it!!! :heart: Even the baby stopped playing and is staring at the tv. My little girl said, “Mommy, it’s like ‘Fraggle Rock’ for Catholic kids!”

Here’s the 'blog of the gentlemen who dubs over some of the voices into English:


Thanks to EWTN for running this!!! :thumbsup:

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