EWTN to appeal after 'troubling' HHS mandate ruling

Irondale, Ala., Jun 17, 2014 / 05:36 pm (CNA/EWTN News).- The EWTN Global Catholic Network has announced that it will appeal a June 17 ruling that would require it to facilitate products and procedures that go against Church teaching.


This is really sad. I am shocked that EWTN wasn’t granted protection from the HHS Mandate. I am also deeply saddened by this. I hope and pray that they win their appeal.

This is terrible. I’m really surprised and saddened.

What does everyone think will happen if they loose the appeal? Will they provide the coverage or not and pay fines?

It’s hard to get more Catholic than EWTN, they’ll probably pay the fines… or be forced to decrease their staff to the point that they don’t have to. Either one is a travesty against justice, and just goes to show how little regard our current administration has for the Church.

EWTN will never provide that coverage. If their appeal doesn’t work, they may try to withhold the fine payments too. But I think the court will uphold their appeal.

EWTN will not provide the “health insurance” coverage for contraception, abortifacients, and sterilization because it would be gravely sinful for them to do so. If forced, they will pay the fines or reduce their staff to where they are no longer subject to the mandate.

I don’t want to sound like a conspiracy theorist, but do you think this is what the higher ups in the government want? To see organizations like EWTN to be forced to pay large fines / reduce employees to the point they can’t stay in the business or have greatly diminished presence? It certainly sounds like the administration wanting to strong arm people into doing what they want.

There are def. people in government who hate God, church and everyone connected,…I think it is accidental,…but probably inspired by the devil. Christians need to stand up to get that law changed,…because it is effecting all Christian organizations.

That was my take on it immediately. :frowning:

Satan is in the details.
God Bless

You are right on. That is exactly what they want. All these are by design. Catholics are persecuted by careful design. And so many so called “Catholics” are actually helping carrying out the plot by their vote to the current administration. We all know that. :mad::eek:

Of course, that’s a good part of it. The HHS mandate will force Catholic organizations to either go against their religious doctrine, or pay huge fines for not complying. The mandate could force many Catholic organizations out of business. I don’t think the administration would be particularly unhappy about that.

Of course the mandate violates the first amendment guarantee as to the free exercise of religion. But this administration has never been particularly worried about that either.

Of course, The bible tells us Christianity will go thru some very bad times towards the end, to the degree that practicing the faith may even become illegal, churches will be forced to close, people risking arrest to practice their faith, or even admit they are a Christian, etc. We should all already know these days are coming, so it should not really surprise anyone.

I think this is exactly right. I’ve always known and believed this, but I used to think of it in sort of an abstract way. Recently though it has started to become much more of a real world, close to home, reality. Scary stuff.

Religious liberties will prevail!

LOVE! :heart:

I firmly believe that God often allows stress and trials to help wake people up. In our current day, many, many Catholics are spiritually sleeping and just could not care less what is happening around them…they need to be woken from their sleep. If they do not wake-up, or do not change their ways, then things will just get worse. We must not forget what our first Pope wrote: For the time has come for judgment to begin with the household of God; and if it begins with us, what will be the end of those who do not obey the gospel of God?

Everything is subject to God, the earth, the sun, the universe, all people, everything. And God uses everything for His purposes.

Are you filing suit against the HHS too? The more lawsuits the better chance of defending religious liberty.

No certainty of that. The US has no divine right to existence. The Church does, but that may literally mean one person left somewhere, at all times. There are no guarantees religious liberty will prevail. How many societies and nations have fallen and disappeared throughout history?

Yes and yes. There is nothing accidental about what they are doing.

It’s complicated, but I have an idea for a way around the mandate which will probably work for more organizations than EWTN, though it will require a number of the faithful to come forward to help… -taps chin thoughtfully- I hate to say something like this and then not reveal my thoughts but I don’t want to give the enemy a chance to inject some preventive measures which would render my idea impossible.

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