EWTN to appeal after 'troubling' HHS mandate ruling

If we are still “one nation under God,” religious liberties will prevail.

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I guess, but what does that really mean? All nations are under God - he created each of us. Some simply choose to give thanks and glory to God. The question is, do we? God is with us, but is America with Him? After the last two elections, I’d say clearly not. We have turned our backs on Him and deserve what we get.

History shows us God will let us destroy ourselves if we choose to by turning away from what He wants. Promotion of abortion, telling God what marriage actually is and mocking Him, and rampant greed are all signs that America believes it no longer needs the Lord.

We shall see, but there is nothing to suggest as you said religious liberty will prevail. I expect the opposite - more attacks and persecutions. The saints were as holy and faithful to God, moreso than most Americans ever are, and many of they were slaughtered for their faith.

Confidence, hope, faith, love and prayer? :thumbsup:

We live in a world of good and evil, which are working in conjunction with each other to bring us to salvation. Yes. there’s a lot of sin, evil and darkness in our world, but things will get better; our society will once again become religious.

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Absolutely!! Id say God would NEVER stand behind a nation that has legalized murder of babies, plus the whole host of other things we allow to go on…how could anyone even think God could stand with a nation like this? LOL

Catholics trying to talk Obama out of this is like Moses trying to convince Pharaoh to release the Hebrews.

That is a completely valid comparison, but we still have to give him every opportunity to change his ways before God deals with him personally.

On a practical basis, EWTN has some really good lawyers and business experts who could help them restructure into smaller business units that would be exempt from the HHS mandate. They also have dedicated employees who could switch to part time work or volunteer services to keep the apostolate going until justice and sanity prevail.

Unfortunately, the Catholic vote has helped in large part to bring this about. Consider this; In 2008, Catholics favored Obama over McCain 54% to 45%. In 2012, 50% voted for Obama, while 48% backed Romney. And in spite of being one of, if not the most pro abortion administrations ever, and the president who openly trumped his support for redefining marriage, if he were able to run for a third term, I have little doubt that the majority of Catholics would vote him in again! There’s one party that I know of who openly supports abortion, so-called SSM, the HHS Mandate and who routinely invites Planned Parenthood and NARAL and the like to their convention as speakers. And yet this party continues to get the Catholic vote more often than not. Go figure!

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The first time they said they were voting for him because of the economy. But we saw that he wasn’t even good for that. The economy went into the toilet, and they voted for him again in the same numbers anyway. This tells me that the real reason they who are politically informed voted for him is BECAUSE they agree with him on so-called same-sex “marriage”, death panels, and having no limits on abortions.

Those numbers reflect the cafeteria Catholics, the percentages of practicing Catholics who attend mass every week are much better and less discouraging.
Heck, nancy pelosi, joe biden, john kerry, etc claim to be Catholic but they obviously pick and choose what they want to believe about the teachings of the church, so in my book they are not Catholics but protestants.
That said, ANYONE who claims to follow Christ but votes against Christian fundamentals is obviously very confused about their faith.

I am a registered nurse and worked at a Catholic hospital in labor and delivery. All Catholic hospitals perform tubal ligations . They recieve payment from medicaid and insurance companies, however they won’t provide these same services for their employees. And the hospital I worked for forced poor women of color to choose a method of birth control prior to discharge. I went to confession and was banned from the sacraments performing my duties. The Church needs to get it’s house in order. Not to
provide services that go against Catholic teaching before taking on the ACA

EWTN files for emergency mandate relief with Supreme Court

@EWTN granted injunctive relief against #HHSMandate by appeals court. #ReligiousFreedom


I had a professor recently who would remind us that soon there will be a state sanctioned and approved “Christianity” and all those who actually believe in real Christianity will be labeled as extremists and bigots and will be outlawed.

Looks like we’re right on schedule. :mad:

In the injunction today to EWTN it says:

In light of the Supreme court’s decision today in Burwell v. Secretary of Health and Human Services


I am not sure whether Obama had the majority of white Catholics in 2008, but he definitely did not in 2012. Hispanics made the difference. Obama’s false promises of benefits (that never arrived) likely made the difference with them.

I can readily see the labeling as extremists and bigots, but given the 1st Amendment, I doubt there will be state-sanctioned Church. Or at least, I doubt a Catholic parish would agree to be part of a state-sanctioned conglomerate of churches.

But then again, a more liberally-oriented church might, under the guise of spreading the Gospel to others, join with the state, preaching things counter to what had been orthodox teachings since the beginning.

Do you have the source for that?

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