EWTN to launch 'The Catholic View for Women' TV show

In response to many of the “toxic” TV shows targeting women, EWTN is launching a highly-anticipated new program called “The Catholic View for Women,” aimed at addressing issues relevant to today’s woman from a Church-based perspective.

The series – with the first show kicking off Friday, March 11 at 6:30 p.m. ET – will be hosted by author and broadcast journalist Teresa Tomeo, Executive Director of Priests for Life Janet Morana and Astrid Bennett Gutierrez, who is the Executive Director of Los Angeles Pregnancy Services and Vice President of Hispanics for Life and Human Rights.

Read more: ewtnnews.com/catholic-news/US.php?id=2774#ixzz1G1rOJFEJ


I was channel surfing this morning before work.

ABC News (which I never watch) had a “reading” from one of Oprah’s journals.

What a hoot.

hahahahahaha! This is great!

An opposite view to the filth on the other View (I am sure)—with the exception of the 1 voice in the darkness-Catholic Elisabeth Hasslebeck.

Fabulous, Dahling!

God Bless you.
+Jesus, I Trust In You!
Love, Dawn

That’ll be great! I want to be on the pannel lol!

I’m so happy they are doing this! I am a home health worker and the only time I ever see the view or the other show similar to it ( i forgot the name) is when I’m in a patient’s home.

I gotta say I often cringe at the stuff these ladies say :eek:

Sorry to say Elizabeth is not Catholic. Whoopie, Joy and Elizabeth are all non practicing Catholics. They are all very anti-Catholic.

Let’s get back on topic, shall we? Never mind about the ‘bad’ View…

I’m hoping that the EWTN program will say something to encourage and support us Catholic women who are single. I hope that one of the co-hosts is a single woman. I also hope that they won’t be concentrating so much on marriage and motherhood.

Trouble for me is the times that it’s on-12:00 midnight Eastern Time and 6:30 pm Eastern Time. Until I can get my laptop computer back from the repair shop (it’s fixed, I just need to scrape up enough funds to pay for it), I’ll have to watch it at the local well-known bookstore.

I also sent an email to EWTN asking if it’s going to be on their YouTube channel. Haven’t gotten a response yet…heck, I only sent it this morning…:o :rolleyes:

I’m sorry…am I the only person who cringes at the idea of this? It seems like whenever religious folks try to “copy” secular ideas in TV, music, art, etc. the result is…well…cheesy. It feels like a curse or something.

Of course, I haven’t seen the show, so I don’t know for sure, but this is what I imagine:

-“So ladies…what do you think about topic x?”

-lady one: “well, I think what the church says”
-lady two: “me too”
-lady three: “so do I”

-“OK…next topic?”

I wish they had Johnette Benkovic in there from “Women Of Grace” and “The Abundant Life.” One of the greatest advocates of Holy Mother Church and its Teachings I know Of. :thumbsup:

I agree about the real danger of cheesiness here. Why copy a secular show? Actually, in a way, they kind of have something like this with Johnette B, Now I like her well enough, sometimes she can be a little much but generally her topics are good, guest speakers and she discusses issues without trying to be a secular spin-off, who needs that? But again I shouldnt judge yet till I have watched the show which I will probably watch at least once then decide if its worthwhile.

I watched it last night and really enjoyed it! I’ll be tuning in again - it was a refreshing half hour - it could actually go for an hour!

Well I did miss it when it was on but I will try to catch it next time and see what I think.

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