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I just finished watching the new mass on EWTN. I must say I found it very distracting and almost like they were putting on a show with all the fancy vestments, multi million dollar monastery etc. I always considered myself to be a traditional catholic, but now I’m not so sure. I guess I’ve gotten use to the guitars…:shrug:


maybe, makes me remind of one mass I went to the gent was strumming the guitar and than announced as people were coming in to make sure and catch the football games and how such and such a team was the best.

It was so wonderful seeing this lovely reverent Traditional Mass on EWTN, imho.


These “fancy” things are meant to lift our thoughts up to even greater things. They’re meant to point to the immeasurable value of the Eucharist. I don’t find them distracting at all - they contribute the the beauty of the liturgy and give glory to God!



It was a beautiful Mass. The Heavenly Liturgy of the Church :smiley:

Is not that church a suitable palace for the King of Kings? The Altar a worthy throne? The vestments deserving of His ministers? Of course not, but we Catholics always do our best- or used to, at any rate…


I was disappointed that I didn’t rise early enough to watch it this morning. But I did watch this afternoon. As well as Raymond Arroyo afterwards. I thought the Mass was wonderful. It was all fantastic; the nun’s and all the priest and deacons and the beautiful singing. And the reverence!! I’'m not ashamed to say I was brought to tears. I think mostly because I wanted to be there too! I live in an area where we probably won’t get a Latin Mass offered here. Thank goodness for EWTN. And it was so precious to see Mother Angelica.


Distracting in the best sense, that they distract me away from thinking about me.


It is never to late to learn what it all means.

John Paul II

  1. With this heightened sense of mystery, we understand how the faith of the Church in the mystery of the Eucharist has found historical expression not only in the demand for an interior disposition of devotion, but also in outward forms meant to evoke and emphasize the grandeur of the event being celebrated. This led progressively to the development of a particular form of regulating the Eucharistic liturgy, with due respect for the various legitimately constituted ecclesial traditions. On this foundation a rich artistic heritage also developed. Architecture, sculpture, painting and music, moved by the Christian mystery, have found in the Eucharist, both directly and indirectly, a source of great inspiration.

Such was the case, for example, with architecture, which witnessed the transition, once the historical situation made it possible, from the first places of Eucharistic celebration in the domus or “homes” of Christian families to the solemn basilicas of the early centuries, to the imposing cathedrals of the Middle Ages, and to the churches, large and small, which gradually sprang up throughout the lands touched by Christianity. **The designs of altars and tabernacles within Church interiors were often not simply motivated by artistic inspiration but also by a clear understanding of the mystery. **The same could be said for sacred music, if we but think of the inspired Gregorian melodies and the many, often great, composers who sought to do justice to the liturgical texts of the Mass. Similarly, can we overlook the enormous quantity of artistic production, ranging from fine craftsmanship to authentic works of art, in the area of Church furnishings and vestments used for the celebration of the Eucharist?


I also found this Mass to be very beautiful, it brought me
to tears. The reverence, the receiving the Eucharist kneeling,
the way the people were dressed, the music, I loved it all.
On top of that I love the altar at the shrine. I’d be happy to attend
Mass like that all the time.

Oh yes, and seeing Mother Angelica there was wonderful!:slight_smile:


I thought it was a beautiful Mass, but that building is a bit gauche to say the least.


Gauche, as in crude?!?!?!?

The worship space is one of the most finely crafted in the entire US! Only the best materials were used in its construction. For example, the striking number of marbles used in the floor are all imported from different regions of Italy. The exquisite detail work that went into the Shrine would probably blow your mind. I know, because my mother-in-law worked for one of the construction firms that helped to build it. In fact, the Shrine of the Most Blessed Sacrament remains one of the top pilgrimage sites in the US.


I thought it was beautiful! Everything reminded me of Christ’s presence. It was wonderful! It all lifted my mind to Heaven. It truly was the most beautiful thing this side of Heaven.


Very reverent indeed. I loved the homily too. That really opened my eyes to the importance of the Mass in general and why it was done this way for so long and why there needs to be reforms in the liturgy today. I would say that I prefer the Novus Ordo (just fimilar I guess) said in Latin, but love this rite too. I would hope that the reverence seen there will find it’s way into many parsihes around the country. The first time I saw this rite was on You Tube or something like that of a high Mass from 1941. It was narrated by, then Monsignor, Fulton Sheen.

As a side note:
Later that day my family and I witnessed the Ordination of our new bishop (of Superior), which was held in St. Paul. What a great day! Never saw so many priests, nuns, other religious as well as bishops. Believe it or not they used Latin in their music and chant and lots of incense too. There were even priests wearing cassocks.:thumbsup: Pretty awesome! We hope to be at his installment a week from tomorrow. I certainly have more respect for the office of bishop after hearing and seeing all they are charged with and the rich traditions still being used.

Sorry to get off the OP subject.

Have a great weekend,


P.S. We’ve started teaching Latin to our girls. It’s nice to hear kids (9 & 6) running thru the house saying “Oremus, oremus”.


Even the best materials and craftsmanship can be put together in a way that just looks awkward or downright ugly … not that this is a comment at all on the Shrine, I haven’t seen enough of it or up close enough to judge at all.


What time does EWTN show the Tridentine Mass? I am interested in seeing it.


They had it yesterday, and repeated at a later time. Don’t know if there are any plans to repeat it or broadcast other TLMs, but yesterday’s is available on DVD.


They will be showing it 12:00 noon EST; that is, in 1 hour and 45 minutes from the time this was posted.


“Distracting” was my exact thought.


Your “thought” violates the Infallible Council of Trent.

Canon 7. If anyone says that the ceremonies, vestments, and outward signs which the Catholic Church uses in the celebration of masses, are incentives to impiety rather than stimulants to piety,[26] let him be anathema.

And since the nature of man is such that he cannot without external means be raised easily to meditation on divine things, holy mother Church has instituted certain rites, namely, that some things in the mass be pronounced in a low tone and others in a louder tone. She has likewise, in accordance with apostolic discipline and tradition, made use of ceremonies,[15] such as mystical blessings, lights, incense, vestments, and many other things of this kind, whereby both the majesty of so great a sacrifice might be emphasized and the minds of the faithful excited by those visible signs of religion and piety to the contemplation of those most sublime things which are hidden in this sacrifice.


This belief that external beauty in the Liturgy somehow corrupts it, is very protestant in origin. In fact, to neglect the outward beauty of the Mass is in itself very damaging.

While some people differ in their artistic tastes, and others lack it altougather, it is important that the external beauty of the Mass reflects it’s nature.


Was sorry to hear that JKirklvnv was ex-communicated for having a “thought” !!!

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