EWTN TV in South Africa

Please does anyone know how I can get EWTN added as a station on my DSTV package.
I live in Cape Town, South Africa. Im keen to listen to Raymond de Souza. Thanks

Hi there Buggs,

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As far as I am aware, DSTV doesn't have EWTN. However, I know that there are other companies that offer EWTN as part of their package. I'm not sure of the names of these companies however - I only know because a friend of mine has this package. He got the dish and installation specifically for some American channels.

Perhaps you could email DSTV and ask them about it just to make sure.

Sorry I couldn't be of more help!

You could buy your own satellite dish and tune it to the Eurobird satellite which EWTN is on. But I don't know for sure if you'd get that satellite in South Africa.

Or you can just watch it online.

Hi Greeting to all, I am from Cape Town and new to the forum....
Regarding EWTN, only this morning I confirmed that EWTN is being broadcast on PAS 7/10 in the KU Band as well.



we have started a petition on Facebook to try and get EWTN on DSTV. You can get EWTN if you have an older decoder by reprogramming, but not if you have HDTV or PVR. EWTN is brooadcast to other parts of Africa by Multichoice and we have been mailing them a t enquires@multichoice.co.za to try and get them to include it in the South African suit of channels.

However you can purchase EWTN seperately, you buy decoder and dish as a once off cost. Now this is where my problem comes in, I have had EWTN for a couple of years now and it has just gone on the blink, I need someone to repair it, so if anyone knows where I can find someone who can repair it in the East Rand or Johannesburg area I would be eternally greatful. I really miss it.


For Attention Judy,

I do not know what you were using to watch EWTN, but if you obtain the older DSTV systems, Second it might be cheaper than repair…NOT The SD or HD.

Tune to PAS7/10 for FTA



Thanks I bought a decoder and dish a few years back when it was advertised in the Southern Cross. The problem is Mom and I live in a cottage on my sisters property and between us and them we already have a PVR and HD extra view installed. I would not be popular if I changed the setup.

I may have found someone who can fix it for me. If it works out I will let you all know where to get it.

It really is worthwhile and I am still trying to persuade Multichoice to include it for South Africans.

God Bless

Good Day All and Hope you are well

This message is just to check whether Judy has been able to receive the EWTN channels yet…
If not you may want to check how to receive the ViewAfrica network (offices are based in JHB) who broadcast the Religous Channels for FREE on the the same satellite that DSTV broadcast…

Blessings to all


I bought a statelite dish a few years ago and have EWTN, but have not been able to get it via DSTV. Thanks I will check becuase I know people who do want to get it.

God Bless

Re EWTN for those who have the SD/HD setup whether you have extra view or not…

Firstly, the SD/HD PVR unit cannot be programmed with the proper frequency…DSTV has locked this facility…

Also the new DSD1132 decoder is available…at this time I have not checked if this is locked as well…\

No if you had a setup like Judy, I might have foun a way to egt it to work…

  1. Change the multiswitch in the system so that you have a extra cable to feed the LNB input…if you have a 3way multiswitch, put in a 4way.
  2. Obtain a second hand decoder…the olader models…single view are cheap.
  3. Add the decoder to system…
  4. Use the RF output to connect to the TV (AV if you can)
  5. Input the EWTN Satellite frequency and Data into the HOME NETWORK.
  6. Scan unit…
  7. Ok now on tv

Hope this helps

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