EWTN TV: The World Over: Donald Trump Interview: 10/27/16 at 8PM EST


EWTN TV: The World Over: Donald Trump Interview 10/27/16 at 8PM EST

Duration: 1 hr
10/27/16 Edition**

Each week, Raymond Arroyo challenges viewers with important political and cultural reporting and analysis of a wide variety of topics of interest to Catholics and people of faith.

Raymond Arroyo ‏@RaymondArroyo Oct 25

Thursday at 8PM ET don’t miss my revealing exclusive w/ @RealDonaldTrump on @WorldOverDC @EWTN.


Donald Trump interviewed by EWTN Lead Anchor / Managing Editor Raymond Arroyo on EWTN’s The World Over (Live) news weekly program.


Cool. Should be interesting. :hmmm:


Wow, that’s great! I’m glad that Trump is actively seeking out the Catholic vote and trying to put forward some policies/mindsets that are Catholic-friendly!

May God bless you all! :slight_smile:


Thanks for the link. I hadn’t heard about this interview until now and would have missed it.


Being as this is the first time in over 15 years of voting that I’ve ever felt invested in my Republican candidate, I’m very interested in this. Raymond is always an affable and good-natured host, so I’m sure he’ll give the Donald a respectful interview.
I just hope it reaches some of the Catholics who are wary of him. They need to understand that he’s much better for the country and Catholic religious expression than Hillary ever will be.
He’s not perfect, but there is no excuse for #NeverTrump.


Looking forward to Trump’s appearance with Raymond Arroyo.


This is great. If mother Angelica were alive, she could do an interview with trump–would be fascinating.


Yes it would. She would school him so well. :D. Admonishment by a holy sister is always humbling.


For those curious, EWTN reached out to Hillary and was told numerous times the schedule doesn’t allow it.

Which I get, because between rallies in front of tens of people, appearances on the View, and testifying before grand juries, there is only so much time in the day.


And napping.:stuck_out_tongue:


EWTN: Both Hillary and Tim Kaine have been invited to appear on this program. Raymond says: “We speak with their people every week.” To date, they “haven’t been able to fit us in.”



Why should Kaine or Clinton appear on EWTN? They think the Church is a “Medieval, autocratic, backward” institution. Why would they want to appear on a network that’s faithful to that institution?


Trump is merely a sinner, and apparently not all that big a sinner. He’s not an enemy of the Church like Hillary Clinton or a semi-apostate like, uh…some.




True. And if they’re going to interview them, they need to sprinkle the area with holy water and blessed salt, seriously.


Did anyone watch this interview? How did it go?


I don’t think it starts for another 20 minutes where I live.


It’s on EWTN’s Youtube channel as we speak. The interview is about twenty minutes ish and I think it was a great interview.
As I thought, Raymond was a good natured interviewer and asked some important questions.
Trump was honest and well spoken (and as presidential as ever imo) and didn’t just tell Raymond what he thought Catholics wanted to hear.

I for one, appreciated him saying that open borders was the dumbest thing he ever heard (I never agreed with “the Church’s” social teaching on immigration) so you know he was being sincere. All in all, I’d say it was a good interview.


I don’t suppose anyone has a link to the interview?

For some reason the phrase “glutton for punishment” comes to mind.

Curious.:ehh: But I actually would like to watch it.


The interview:


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