EWTN vows no compromise after HHS lawsuit dismissal

The EWTN Global Catholic Network is “extremely disappointed” by a Monday court ruling that dismissed as “unripe” its lawsuit against a federal mandate that could require the organization to violate Catholic teaching.

“Contraception, sterilization and abortion-inducing drugs are not healthcare. EWTN cannot and will not compromise our strongly held beliefs on these moral issues,” EWTN President and CEO Michael P. Warsaw said March 25.

On Monday Judge Sharon Lovelace Blackburn of the U.S. District Court in Birmingham dismissed the Irondale, Ala.-based organization’s lawsuit until new regulations are “created and finalized.” The March 25 court decision agreed that EWTN has standing to sue, but it sided with Obama administration lawyers who contended that the case is not ripe for review.

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He said the judge did not rule on the constitutional issues he said were “at the heart” of the lawsuit. EWTN is consulting with its legal team from the Becket Fund for Religious Liberty about possible options.

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Of course the original regulations of the HHS mandate HAVE been finalized! The Court was wrong on that. I suppose it is basing its findings on the administrations “promise” to “amend” the mandate. That’s pretty flimsy.

No it makes sense. How can you sue on something that isn’t finalized yet? The latest compromise goes through 60 days of further examination before any other changes can be made. The latest compromise came in February so we won’t know anything till mid april at the earliest.

Further proof that America is now a Communist dictatorship. I firmly believe that Obama will go down in history as America’s first Communist president.


Obama is a mix between Karl Marx and Louis XIV. He’s a Communist who likes to live like a king while other people suffer the consequences for him not getting everything his way.

In the meantime, even as it was discussing and promising additional compromises, HHS made the original mandate final and published in the Federal Register.

As far as I know, the USCCB has looked at the most recent proposal, and it is still not satisfactory. In fact, some say it is worse than the original. And in the meantime, the original rule now still has the force of law as a final regulation!

That’s not surprising.

Thats just being unreasonable for those to say its even worse. How can it possibly be worse when the religious institution exemption was expanded and the access to contraception is made through third party insurances not affiliated with the institution. Either way like I said its in the process of a 60 day review so we’ll see.

Yeah I’m sure the people who lived under real communism would say its exactly the same thing. :rolleyes:

Please go to the USCCB website, and read what the bishops have said about the so-called compromise.

We will see real communism once Obama is done destroying all that stands in his way of achieving it which shouldn’t take long. Are you aware that Obama’s campaign slogan “Forward” was a communist slogan that was used by both Lenin and Stalin?

I’ve read it and I’ve read the compromise. They’re simply wrong.

lol!!! :d:d:d:d:d:d:d:d

How so?

They expanded the religious institution exemption and religious institutions wouldn’t have to pay for anything that violates their beliefs. The Bishops big complaint now is that it doesn’t allow people that are not in a religious institution to be exempted.

You said the bishops are wrong. What part of what the bishop’s said was wrong? Quote the part you think was wrong and then prove it.

That its some sort of violation of religious liberty when they can’t explain how it is forcing any religious institution to do anything.

You can’t prove your accusations. Got it.

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