EWTN Wed. night?

The Passion and Res. of Jesus according to John was presented last night by 2 priests; one telling his own story and another 1 man play. Do any of you have a link to that for purchase or remember the name of the producers?

The one-man play was by Radix.


No, this was just before Radix I have since gotten the names of the 2 priests; Father Willig and Father Sporaugh. Father Willig was dying of cancer and using his ‘own passion’ as reflection. I wish I could now find the name of the production company to see if there is a dvd available.

Did you check EWTN’s web-site? If there is a DVD available of a program they showed they will often offer it for sale in their catalog.

You can also go to the web-site to find the info. on the program and if there will be a repeat of it.

Brenda V.

I own the VHS tape of the program. I think I purchased it at a religous articles store a few years ago. It looks like it’s produced by Heart to Heart in Cincinnati. Here’s a link to the website where you can order the DVD, heartoheart.org/store/videos.html.

Thank you so much for the link. I just ordered the dvd. Again, thank you!

I haven’t seen this show (if it’s going to repeat sometime on EWTN, I’d certainly like to check it out, though). However, I have been to many Masses celebrated by Fr. Michael Sparough, and can testify that he’s a very good, spiritually solid, and well centered priest who offers excellent reflections. Anything with him involved should be well worth your time and money.

No problem, glad I could be of service. :slight_smile:

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