Ewtn & Xm Radio


**To all XM Satellite Radio subscribers **-

If you desire to have EWTN’s Global Catholic Radio Network available 24/7 on XM Satellite Radio as part of their line-up, please utilize the link below to XM. Despite the pending merger with Sirius, we need to make our united voices heard loud and clear right now!

The papal visit coverage last week was awesome and we need to thank XM for partnering with EWTN Radio to bring us that wonderful content, and to avail us the blessing of having EWTN Radio permanently on the XM service. Letting XM know that you will remain a subscriber for the long haul solely for EWTN Radio availability will strike a cord and get their attention!

They are monitoring the following link so please use it to communicate your request to XM:

Go to: xmradio.com/contact_us/contact_us.jsp

On the “Contact Us” page, click on “Programs/Show Requests” button under “Programming / XM Channels” (6th option reading down) & click “Next” in the yellow box at the bottom of the page.
Complete all the fields of the form & click “Submit” in the yellow box at the bottom of the page.
You should then see a screen with “Thank you, your message has been sent to XM Satellite Radio.”

Also, send your same message to the following email address: programming@xmradio.com

(Don’t forget to always include your subscriber account number when you contact the folks at XM)


Thank you. I also complained regarding some of the idiotic commentary during the pope’s visit. Towards the end of the visit, I believe EWTN was on XM, wasn’t it?


XM aired some of the coverage on Channel 120. I don’t know for sure if it was offered the entire time. I don’t think it was. Pass the information on so our voices can be heard!


I used to subscribe to Sirius, and listened to EWTN all the time. I’m now an XM subscriber and really miss it. Even though Lutheran, I really don’t care for “protestant” radio. Thanks for the link.



No problem.

That information came to me straight from EWTN. They’d like a lot of support and participation in this campaign to get on XM Radio.


I subscribed to SIRIUS for the express purpose of getting EWTN.


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