hi to anyone in britain ewtn now broadcasting on sky on channel 680

Yeah I just saw that! Can’t be a bad thing! (Quite American though innit)

My local has sky do you think they,l oblige. :wink:

Hoorah for channel 680.

It’s a free channel too so you don’t have to pay Sky anything to get it. (but do need a dish & a box)

The style of presentation is a bit different to TBN isn’t it? :slight_smile:

Channel 897 is pretty good too. EWTN radio.

would you please keep an eye on EWTN for me…I am looking for a copy of a children’s program “My Little Angels” that has all the words to the Guardian Angel song in it…I have emailed EWTN but have not received a response. THANK YOU my friends…

i used to listen to the ewtn radio, was good, i know what you mean about it being a bit american suppose we will just have to grin and bear still good to watch though, ok lsk will try and watch for it

[quote=FightingFat]Yeah I just saw that! Can’t be a bad thing! (Quite American though innit)

Just wondering… What’s in your opinion “quite American?” :slight_smile:

not meaning to offend, just that it is presented in a different style from what we would do things after all, we do stay in different countries doesn’t make it bad or less enjoyable just different, perhaps it is also we are not used to having a religious channel, but like i say we are delighted to have it here

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