I contacted EWTN [the uk branch] a couple of times for possible broadcast journalist work experience and did not get a response from them, even to reject my application. It is a shame since I expected that from commercial stations and papers who just want to sell stories or get viewers but I did think a Catholic station might give me a hand for some non paid experience but no sir.

Why post this here?

why post this at all?

Maybe the OP thought that someone here might have some helpful advice about how to properly apply at EWTN. I’m sorry, I don’t have any advice for you, but I’m hoping that someone will come along to assist you. :slight_smile:

Ahhh, you are in England. Usually on their website they list job openings.

This would be a general information page for them. This one is from USA.

Thank you Pani Rose. As for the 1st posters, I must say I expect this type of post on general forums but not on Catholic ones where I thought people would try to be more helpful rather than question why I made the post.

I have often heard the opinion from non Catholics that the Church takes money but does very little in return. I disagree with this, I think the Church does a lot of good with money it gets.As far as EWTN goes, if I did think like this, then ignoring 2 of my fairly long emails to ask for work experience, I repeat, work experience, non paid, would make me wonder, particularly since their site does have a big banner on the side asking to remember them and make donations when possible. I can take a reply explaining that they don’t do work experience or can’t right now, but getting ignored, that gets to me. To think that even a well known football club in Britain [that would be Chelsea FC] send me back an email after I wanted work experience [okay it was a rejection, but it was still a reply to show that they got my application] but EWTN does not, it just surprises me.

Pani Rose I look at the British page as the American one offers jobs in America. As I said though I do not need a job yet [as I am still studying], I need work experience, but thanks for trying to help me.

Beside the point, which is, your in the Eastern section which from my perspective isn’t the best place to inquire about EWTN. Thus the point is not people trying to be helpful, but where they will be most helpful. :wink:

I did not read your OP as asking for help in how to apply. As with the others, I saw it as a gripe session to air your indignation, not only in your OP but again in this post. I trust you feel somewhat vindicated now?

I thought this question was "Why post this here (in the Eastern Catholicism Section)? I agree. What does this have to do with Eastern Catholicism?

Truth be told I posted in here because I saw a topic lower down with EWTN in the title so I thought I would post another topic on EWTN here.

As far as ‘why post this here?’ comment, I personally took it as, ‘why post this on this forum?’ not in this section, but if that’s not what you meant, fair enough. If this belongs in another part of the forum where it would be better suited, a moderator can of course move it there.

Hey y’all I am Eastern Catholic. I do live in the Irondale AL area, my kids grew up around there. EWTN is an amazing place, but it is also run by humans who get very busy. They listen close to the Holy Spirit, but again human natures can get in the way. Their system just gets totally overloaded. Several of my friends answer theological questions, and there aren’t enough hours in the day.

I might suggest a short email. It could be a long, or very long one gets put aside intil later, and forgotten about. Since for now you are not necessarily looking for employment, you might try the volunteer department. ewtnmissionaries.com/. Just a thought!

It is difficult for employers to give non-paid experience because of conflicts with the minimum wage laws.

I know this because I was in the same situation a few years ago, offering employers a chance for me to work for them for free just so I could get some experience.

Good luck.

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