EWTN's Latin Mass Sep 14 - Mass booklet

I just tried to download the Mass booklet for EWTN’s Latin Mass, and most came through fine, but I get an error message saying it cannot extract an embedded font, and there are several places in the booklet with a series of black dots (looks something like Morse Code dots). Has anyone tried to download it yet?


I just downloaded it- and all is ok. You may need some additional fonts on your computer. Maybe you are using an out of date operating system or something. I use Win XP professional- it has the fonts.


I’m using the same operating system, but I don’t know what fonts I’m missing. So you didn’t get the black dots?

Try to save it first, then open it once it is saved on your own computer. Sometimes that makes a difference in how it is opened.

No black dots- I have however downloaded extra fonts, like Cac Valiant or Verspano in the past. I needed to in order to create Latin Mass booklets for my parish when we went on pilgrimage or other churches.


Thanks, I’ll search for those fonts.


First time I clicked on that linki it all downloaded properly.

Now I click it again and I get an error.

It is not your computer, it is their server. Most likely it is very busy. Just keep trying to download it. It will eventually fully download.


You may need Acrobat 8.

Hmmm, I wonder what’s going on–I have Acrobat 5 or 6, not sure which, Windows XP Home, and I’ve never downloaded any special fonts, but the booklet came out just fine in my download. I went all the way through it, and there weren’t any places wrong.

Maybe you just had a bad download–have you tried it again…

Right click it, save it, then try opening it.

Maybe the download you have is corrupted, or maybe you need a different version of Adobe Acrobat Reader, it came out fine on my old version of 6.0.

I have never seen a Latin Mass, this will be my first to experience, and from what I have seen, snippets and the booklets it looks so respectful to our Lord. If it is as respectful to God as it seems to be, I will be hooked.

I have only seen one or two truly respectful Masses in the last 15 or so years, I don’t think I have ever seen one in my parish except when I was a child. (I live in California and look forward to the implementation of Vatican II)

In Christ

It opened fine for me. I downloaded first and then opened it, I have PCLinuxOS though not Windows. On edit I take some of that back when I just went to print in Adobe it told some characters wouldn’t print.

I opened in KPDF and it didn’t give me any error messages.

After reading kleary’s post #7, I tried downloading again, and it was fine. I haven’t tried printing yet, though.

For those who are planning to print it, the layout is designed for it to be printed double-sided and then folded into a booklet.

I got it. I hate how the pages are positioned. page 22 and 3 are on the same page. on the next page 4 and 21. They’re staggered.

Try putting the booklet together. It doesn’t work. Some pages are upside down.

I had to print it out twice and cut half of the upside down pages to the upright half.

i downloaded. no problem at all. but i didn’t print yet… is very wonderful to have it. i love it so much. beside this website, how about any website does provide free latin mass booklet.???

Well, due to the hours I work, I wasn’t able to see the Mass, so I never printed or read the booklet. Nevertheless, it was my impression that it was specifically for that Mass on Sep 14.

Here’s a site that may provide some information you’re looking for:

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