Ewww Grossss!!!


I just killed a MASSIVE bug in my dining room:eek: :bigyikes: !!! I hate bugs ewwww, gross, I have never seen anything like this thing!!!

It looks sort of like a huge silverfish…kind of. I got on the internet and found something that looks almost exactly like it, if it’s the same bug it’s called a house centipede…yuck :bigyikes: and yes it had a million legs it was about two feet long (yes, I’m exaggerating just a little bit:D), well maybe not two feet but at least two inches, which is why it freaked me out!!!

Anyone run across these suckers before or something similar? I hope they don’t sting or bite:confused: if it was a house centipede apparently they don’t harm humans just roaches:shrug:. I am still sooooo grosssssed outtttt!!! Where’s a man when ya need one:rotfl: :doh2:ha ha ha!!!


Those things give me the creeps. Every once in a while one of them goes scurrying across our basement floor, and I freak out. I notice your location is Chicago. I am in the western suburbs of Chicago–do you suppose these centipedes are a local phenomenon?


Maybe, I’m actually in the western suburbs now also, so it could very well be a local thing. I’m originally from California and never saw these creepy crawlers…and they are fast too!!! I’m still bugged out:D, no pun intended lol!!!


Aw heck, they eat them things on fear factor :smiley:

They eat crickets, worms, fish eyes. :stuck_out_tongue:

What grosses me out is seeing pig feet and pork tongues in the meat case at the grocery. :eek:


I never saw such big spiders and critters until I lived in the Midwest, outside Chicago!! This made me laugh, LOL!! :smiley:


In the 70’s I cooked at a Franciscan retreat house in the mountains near Hollister, California.
Once, I was walking down a stone staircase to my room, and came face-to-face with a huge, hairy tarantula.
In my fright, I couldn’t remember what to call it, and started screaming, "SCORPION! HELP! SCORPION!!!"
My brother was visiting me, and he came flying down the stairs. “Where’s the scorpion!” he shouted. "Is it near the tarantula?"
Well…after he figured out what I’d done, he put that big hairy thing on a stick and chased me around with it.
Those were the days…


:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:


Oh great. Now you’ve all given me the itchies. I feel like bugs are crawling up my legs.


:rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl:Sorry about that, just didn’t want to be the only one afraid to get under the covers:blush: :stuck_out_tongue: .


Do not go to Florida then. They have these huge things that look like giant cockroaches. They are called Palmetto bugs. They are the grossest and biggest bugs I have ever seen. :eek:


I know what you mean. They freak me out to no end. Unfortunately we have a problem with them, so I see them way too often. According to my land lord, who refuses to spray for them:(, they are not born in the house, but come in from outside. They sometimes use drains, so we keep all our drains closed and have a cover over our shower drain when we’re not using it. That seemed to be working pretty well, but now that it’s getting warm again, we have the windows and doors open a lot, and there has been an increase in sightings. Also, if it gets rainy we get more of them. I hope yours was a loner, but if he brings friends I would try covering the drains and making sure your windows/ screen doors are well sealed. A can of raid sprayed on the base boards will keep ours away for a while.


The ingredients in raid are much worse for you thank any old centipede that probably is eating the ants in your pantry! (You pressed one of my many buttons).


I am very familiar with the midwest. Don’t move farther south then! :smiley: We have tarantulas, snakes, and things you wouldn’t be able to dream up, even in your worst of nightmares! :wink:

Well, I wouldn’t worry too much about the bug, unless you read about it being posionous. If you did, and run into more, then you should call the bug man. :slight_smile:

So glad I wasn’t you this morning…although…we’ve had this big fuzzy spider friend “nesting” outside our front door. EWWW gross is right! :stuck_out_tongue: (I wish there was a “gag me” smiley!) I could wake up to hundreds of baby tarantualas one day. :eek:


Aaagh aagh aagh agh. I hate those. They’re my least favourite creepy-crawly in the world. I saw a three-inch one in my parents’ house once. I nearly died. They move at mach 10 and I’m told they bite, although I never stay around long enough to find out.

I know they hunt other household pests, but I can’t STAND them. They die. Preferably with my husband killing them.


They’re venomous, although not dangerous, I don’t think. All centipedes are venomous. If you bite it and you die, it’s poisonous. If it bites you and you die, it’s venomous. Easy-to-remember definition. :smiley:



**OH! Awesome find… let’s study it! Can we cage it? What does it eat? Does it molt or build nests? :thumbsup: **



I have encountered many a centipede in my house. :eek: As a matter of fact, with the weather starting to get warm, and it being damp this time of year, this is just the season for them to start up again. :bigyikes: They are venemous, but the northern ones don’t bother humans much (and are much smaller than the nightmare ones they have in the Southwest!) They move so fast that they really creep me out, though.

Then there’s the horror of turning on the faucet in a kitchen or bathroom sink, and having a centipede come rocketing out of the drain. Bleeeaaagghhhhhhh!


We had those things when we lived in Detroit. I almost peed my pants every time I saw one.

Then we moved down South, to good ole’ Mississippi. The first night we moved in, I was unpacking boxes, and spotted SOMETHING huge and black under the chair. Seriously, it was a good two inches long, and shiny black. I ran down the hall, screaming for my husband, telling him to back it up, we were going back up North, I just saw a cockroach. He came to investigate, and started cracking up. It wasn’t a cockroach, but a CRICKET- A TWO-INCH LONG CRICKET! They sure grow them big down here.

Now, three years later, I’m so used to the bugs that I almost don’t need shoes on to squash the nickel-sized spiders we have everywhere. Almost.


**Why did I click on this thread???:doh2: I HATE creepy crawlies and I especially hate the ones that appear to chase you out of the room (which is what those nasty centipedes do to me:o).

My lovely little kitty loves to play with them too. So, instead of only finding them in the basement most of the times I get to see them in all kinds of places, including her mouth as she brings them upstairs…blechhhhhhh.

The absolute worst is when I see one in my bedroom at night and DON’T kill it. I can’t sleep because I’m up wondering where it will pop out next.

Ewwwww, my legs are all crawly and I’m almost having a panic attack just thinking about this…and it’s been so rainy here for the past few days I just know I’m going to see one soon…

Thanks alot! lol



Ewww. Gross! My dad and I had an arrangement worked out when I still lived at home–he hated snakes and I didn’t mind them so I’d take care of any snakes that were in the yard when he wanted to mow. I am absolutely phobic of spiders so he took care of that for me :slight_smile: I didn’t realize how bad I was until one day when my 3 year old niece was visiting. She saw a spider in the bathroom and started screaming “Grandad! Grandad! Kill it Now!” :eek:

Now I’m on my own, but at least my kitties have made them selves useful. Instead of mousers I have spider chasers!


As a fellow southerner…I say:

:amen: to that!

It’s been a year and a half now…I don’t know how much longer I’ll make it! I was just getting used to the big, fuzzy, ultra-strange looking bugs…then…I discovered the SNAKES! :bigyikes:

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