Ex Abortion Clinic Employees: Women Are Pushed Into Abortions


Instead, I spent my days urging women to terminate their pregnancies. My superiors constantly reminded me of our abortion-centered business model: abortions first, everything else came second.

I began to recognize their emphasis on performing abortions each time a woman would express concern or have second thoughts about having an abortion. When I notified management, though, they told me not to worry and encourage her decision to move ahead with the procedure. …

Planned Parenthood’s mission is to pressure as many women into having an abortion as it can.

This shows that there is no “pro-choice” movement. The term “choice” as used by the abortion industry is really just a deceptive facade.

Of course it’s a facade. I’ve seen women get beat up in their vehicles by their husbands/boyfriends prior to being dragged into an abortion clinic. There are lots of women who want to do it, but there are plenty who by threats and abuse are pushed into it.

The abortion clinics want to sell abortion. They are salespeople for murder. End of story.

This industry is very evil in my view. I am trying not to exaggerate, but the abortion industry seems to stoop to every low imaginable, and is successful as portraying it self as being rational and caring.

They are the doorway to hell. Pure evil. I can say nothing good about them. What you say isn’t even close to an exaggeration. I know with the place that I counsel at people have come out telling us horror stories from their experiences.

My younger sisters’ friend was afraid to keep crying in there, because the receptionist kept yelling at her to shut up, saying she’d scare the other patients.

Another person told us that it was a scary place in the waiting room and the receptionists/nurses were just nasty (she used another word starting with a b, but I won’t say it here) and would yell at people who considered changing their mind. They would call them names.

Yet another woman went to the bathroom and was considering crawling out the window above the toilet, because it was so scary in there. She said she then came to her senses and just ran out.

They even try to tell friends and family of the girls that they can’t go to the “back waiting room” to talk to them, because they are already out of the “front waiting room”.

It’s literally like the grips of hell in there.

People really ought to listen too these former abortion clinics workers, like former director Abby Johnson, who has exposed many of the myths surrounding Planned Parenthood, Catherine Anthony Adair. They worked in Planned Parenthood, they know how it works. These are very good advocates for the pro life cause.

There are a multitude of former Planned Parenthood staffers who are exposing Planned Parenthood:

Dr. Patti Giebink, former abortion doctor at Planned Parenthood of Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota; Abby Johnson, former clinic director of Planned Parenthood Center for Choice in Bryan, TX; Luis Maldonado, former clinic assistant at Planned Parenthood Mar Monte in San Jose, CA; Sue Thayer, former clinic manager of Planned Parenthood of Greater Iowa / Planned Parenthood of the Heartland; Ramona Trevino, former clinic manager of Planned Parenthood of North Texas; and Patricia Sandoval, former clinic employee of Planned Parenthood Mar Monte in Sacramento, CA.

This is shocking to me. What right does any medical clinic have to tell a patient to stop crying after ANY medical procedure? That sounds like a violation of the basic rights of a patient.

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