Ex Cathedra

The Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church established the law of the Church according to necessity.

In previous ages it became necessary to verify every word that was issued from the Holy Father’s mouth.

Consider in historical times, that rumors, hearsay, and second hand information could be passed along by priests or laity visiting Rome and therefore, distort the sacred words coming from the Vicar of Christ on Earth.

Therefore, it was necessary for the Church to establish that the Pope’s words could be verified as coming from the Pope himself and having full authority of the papal office.

… but now in this age, we can hear the pope’s words directly…

Do you even know what “Ex Cathedra” means/refers to?

Seems like you’re [mistakenly] applying it to any word uttered by a Pope.

NB: Pope Francis’ words regarding Donald Trump (or at least in response to a question about DJT), were not Ex Cathedra.

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