Ex Catholic teaching high school catholicism



I am familair with ex corde ecclesia which spells out the norms for higher education(college level).

But I need Church docs. that state clearly that those who teach catholicism(lay) high scvhool level must be practicing Catholics.


Not sure that there is any guideline and cannot answer your question. I must post the analogy though, if someone would want to take pre-cana classes from someone who is divorced? Or be coached on a football team by someone who has never even played or watched a game.

Seems the school administration would be questionable if they hired an ex-Catholic to pass the faith onto our children. If I personally was aware of the situation in my son’s school, I would raise the roof.:thumbsup:



That person might have spent thousands of dollars and many years studying Chrisitan theology and religion. At the end, he may have decided that Catholicism wasn’t for him/her - it probably would have been a very honest decision, considering his or her money and time that they invested. By trying to get the person fired, you destroy his or her livelihood.

Just be aware of the whole situation. Don’t be too quick to destroy this person’s life.


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