Ex-Chinese Official Details Plan for World Domination

This is scary. The speech was back in 2005 and only made its way to Yahoo in June of this year. It’s been translated now, and was published in Newsmax:

Ex-Chinese Official Details Plan for World Domination

As the author points out,

*It seems to the rulers of China that its strategy should not be concealed but, on the contrary, should scare a potential victim. The United States has freedom, not slavery … free countries should be terrorized to make them surrender, which Chi has been doing for years. *

Clearly he has been inhaling all that poisonous lead the Chinese like to put in their toys.

Absolute nonsense on par with invaders from Mars, monsters in the closet and vengeful mummies.

That’s right! China-The only Country large enough to have an Army of 200 million as foretold in Scripture—and we should not worry about warnings like this.

(I’m being facetious. Thanks for the article, Muzhik! Another “Sign of the Times”).

…I can vision the ships full, and the parachutes falling…

If you have time, read “Unrestricted Warfare.” Chinese is waging war with us, right now. It’s a cyberspace war. They have stolen over 11TeraGig of sensitive information about us, our military, and other things. That book was a mandatory read in our Military Civil Affairs course. Makes me think twice before sending emails home when I’m on mission abroad.

If you are using Norton, you might consider switching to others like TrendMicro. Words on Wallstreet that the Chinese is trying to takeover Norton.


I wonder how much they’re paying Obama & Crew to be complicit in their plans?

Hey! The monster in our closet was no laughing matter! My brother and I kept trying to appease it with chocolate chip cookies, but never succeeded. (The fact that my brother and I kept sneeking one of the cookies being offered probably didn’t help his mood any.)

People in the 1920’s laughed at a silly little guy with a funny mustache in Germany, too, as I recall. “What, that Hitler guy? The one who wrote that book with all the crazy ideas in it? Oh, yeah, he’s a threat all right. (laughter) How would he do anything, anyway? Germany is limited to 115,000 men in their army and navy combined, they can’t manufacture or import weapons, and they are forbidden to have an air force, tanks, machine guns, submarines, or poison gas. They can’t even draft soldiers into their army! Oh, yeah, Germany is a threat, all right! They’d lose a war with the Rhode Island National Guard!” (uproarious laughter)

Of course, that attitude led to something quite different, didn’t it? And when it finally materialized, all of of a sudden, it wasn’t so funny, nor was it so easily blown off as nonsense.

“. . . if we refer to the 19th century as the British Century and to the 20th century as the American Century, then the 21st Century will be the Chinese Century!

I’m afraid he’s correct, on this count—100% correct. Who owns most of America’s currency? The Chinese. Who has at least the same amount of manufacturing capability as the United States, and is gaining more every day as we continue to ship our industries over to them? The Chinese. If the United States went into a free-fall or ceased to exist, what nation would have the industrial power and internal cohesion to step into the vacuum? The European Union? Too divided and too weak militarily. Russia? Not enough people any more. Japan? Not big enough, and like Europe, too weak militarily. It would be the Chinese.

So keep right on laughing. We’ll see, won’t we?

Probably about the same as they paid the Bush Administration, after all U.S. Chinese policy hasn’t changed since the new President took office. Actually, you should see how much they paid me for post # 3 above. Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean we’re not out to get you!

I don’t laugh about China. I think the U.S. should continue to keep an eye on China and should continue to clearly inform the Chinese Government of U.S. policy and interests in the region. But I think it is just as dangerous to overestimate the Chinese and their capabilities as it is to underestimate the Chinese. We need to have a clear vision of both what the Chinese need and want and what the U.S. and her allies need and want. To say that China is actively seeking world domination is, in my opinion, somewhat over the top considering that China can barely dominate the regions she claims within her own borders. It is dangerous and myopic for Americans to react to China in the same way as we reacted to Manuel Noriega, Saddam Hussein or Fidel Castro. By overreacting we create our own monsters and allow all those who oppose American policy to seek common cause with those we demonize. This gives strength to our enemies and hoodwinks Americans into underestimating our own strength and influence or into seeing shadows where they don’t exist. So yes, watch China and engage with it, but don’t make it into something it isn’t or examine it soley through an ideological lens. We need to have a clear understanding of what China is capable of, and presuming that China can dominate the world, or even wishes to, is not very clear thinking.

Quite so. All the mummies I’ve met have been quite nice.

I’m a little weary of the credibility of this plan for world domination. Is there any link to the original source? Published on Yahoo?

Here’s my preliminary conclusions:

  1. Chi is no longer, it appears, to be serving the CCP/PRC in any official capacity (?). As such, his rantings may be a good indication why he no longer is so - every PLA/CCP official is trained to state in no uncertain terms that China is not a threat to the United States or any other country. Stating otherwise is against policy. Why in the world would he do such a thing?

  2. I’d really like to get my hands on the primary source.

  3. It’s the internet, see #2.

EDIT (below)

-So far as I can see, this was announced by a decidedly not unbiased source, Boxun. There is no name for this source of the speech. The publisher of the speech is a anti-CCP “dissident” news outlet.

-The speech also doesn’t make sense for another reason, a tint of “Great Han Chauvanism.” I’ll hafta get a good look at the speech again, but it appears the alleged racial superiority is referencing Han superiority. No official in his right, sober mind in the CCP would claim Han superiority. To sum up the reason why in two sentences or less, there are 55 national minorities in the PRC and the Han (a/k/a “Chinese”) have long held discriminatory ideas about such “backward” peoples. Han - minority relations are a VERY touchy subject in China and no official since the end of the Great Proliterian Cultural Revolution would be caught dead making infammatory remarks or encouraging “Han Chauvanism” ( I exagerate slightly, but officials who do make such remarks are quickly made to resign or are reassigned or are otherwise made to attown for their remarks).

  1. Internal documents, speeches, journals, etc. aren’t normally leaked or publically published. How did this supposed speech get out?

…peace be with you…really…

…sound and level-headed advice…it would also serve to examine history from both of east-west and west-east perspectives…if you look into such things as the chinese exclusion act, the boxer rebellion, and the opium wars you might find racist attitudes lead to racial conflicts, particularly when almighty $$$ are involved - all of which contributes to a negative expression of humanity…is there some way that the ol’ round’n’round repetition of history can be avoided?..and if there was, would anybody managing the $$$ machine really want to implement it?..i don’t think so…

…i think perhaps only God can help us…


Here’s another reason to keep an eye out for China, from MarketWatch:

Rare earths are vital, and China owns them all
TOKYO (MarketWatch) – Rare earths may not be on most investors’ radars, but they are certainly in almost any high-tech item they use – and in the world of rare earths, China is king.

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