Ex-Darnall therapist suspected in assault [Hospital at Fort Hood]

Ex-Darnall therapist suspected in assault [Hospital at Fort Hood-Stan]
Posted On: Friday, Feb. 12 2010 05:23 AM
By Victor O’Brien
Killeen Daily Herald

A former physical therapist assistant at Carl R. Darnall Army Medical Center at Fort Hood is suspected of following a patient home and sexually assaulting her.

Investigators released information Thursday on the suspect, Joseph Salvador Andrade, 42, of Georgetown, to see if more victims come forward.

Coryell County investigators believe that Andrade followed the woman from the medical center to her home on Farm-to-Market 1113 in December.

The sexual assault occurred at the victim’s home just outside the Copperas Cove city limits, Coryell County Sheriff’s Office Chief Deputy Joe Blakely said Thursday.

The victim was Andrade’s patient at Darnall.

Andrade has since quit his job at Darnall, hospital spokeswoman Jeri Chappelle said Thursday.

Coryell County deputies arrested Andrade on Jan. 29. He posted $5,000 bond and was released from Coryell County Jail.

Andrade, also known as “Reece,” was convicted of three counts of sexual battery of a minor in Florida in 1999. He was working as a physical trainer at the time, Blakely said.

Darnall conducts different degrees of background checks on different levels of employees, Chappelle said. There was no confirmation late Thursday if Andrade passed a background check and the extent of the check.

Investigators have one allegation so far, but more are possible, Blakely said.

When authorities in Florida released information on Andrade to the public in 1999, several more allegations of sexual abuse were filed. Anyone with information about Andrade or other possible attacks is urged to call the Coryell County Sheriff’s Office at (254) 404-8911 or (254) 865-7201.

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oh dear God in heaven, have mercy on us all…

i cannot help but be bewildered by how someone with sexual assault charges on their record can get a job as a physical therapist at Fort Hood.

Yes I don’t what the hell is wrong at Fort Hood right now and I’ve been stationed here off and on since the early seventies and we decided to live the rest of our lives here because it’s a nice place to live.

After I got over my anger this morning I do know what’s wrong—the feds are in charge! I mean I have a handgun license from the State of Texas and they background checked me all the way to Michigan where I grew up.

The Diocese of Austin gave me a background check.

This scumbag is convicted of three counts of sexual battery of a minor in Florida in 1999 and was working as a physical trainer at the time. And Fort Hood hires this puke!

I bet a buddy or a family member got him this job and they cut corners to do it!

People want the feds to be in charge of our healthcare system; give me a break! They can’t even do a background check and get it right!!! That’s if they even did one?

Sorry for the rant but my wife goes to this hospital sometimes.

We need to pray for the lady that was victimized by this evil person.

indeed, we must pray for this woman, and all victims of this…
and as much as it is difficult to do…
pray for him as well

orders, after all… “pray for the sinner” and “pray for those who persecute you” etc.
many of my friends were at various times posted to Ft Hood.
shakes head

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