Ex-Gays Afraid to Come Out for Fear of Persecution: ABC News Report

By Michael Baggot

ARLINGTON, VA, May 7, 2008 (LifeSiteNews.com) - Individuals who once considered themselves homosexuals but who have since left the lifestyle, often remain silent about their past life due to persecution from homosexual activists, an ABC News video revealed on Monday.

“A person may not be happy being gay, has anyone ever thought of that?” asked “David,” an anonymous man who has overcome his homosexual inclinations, on ABC News.

“I’ve found feelings could change,” David added.


A person may not be happy being gay

Big Brother is upon us… :eek:

From the article:

The ABC report also featured footage of lesbian protestors who banged pots and pans, chanted, and danced in front of conservative author Ryan Sorba, forcing him to cut short his April 29 “The Born Gay Hoax” lecture at Smith College.

Observers observed that the Sorba incident is characteristic of the “gay rights” movement’s intolerance towards any discussion of the possibility that individuals may freely abandon the homosexual lifestyle if they so choose.

This is exactly how the homosexual movement views free speech and civil rights in their march to force their social and sexual agenda on others and intimidate and terrorize anyone who would criticize or disagree. Truth and freedom become subjected to the whims of thought police and rioters,” commented the conservative Massachusetts organization MassResistance.

It is time they are called what they are.

I have heard, and would expect, that Gay Activists would assert the same type of argument that the OSAS crowd uses when some one leaves their ranks. “Oh, his faith was simply not genuine” or “the person was never “really” gay”. They completely miss that these arguments are simply ignoring whatever does not fit with their world view and that this is a pretty self damaging way to defend your position.

Gays and Lesbians have been using bully boy tactics against those who have found freedom from their lifestyle for thirty years and the PC police love the gays for their brutal tactics.

In any event as long as we aren’t discerning on the basis of philosophy, theology, prayer, and study but only on phenomenology I guess we’re stuck with power politics. The gays have the brute political force so they win…at least until Judgment Day.


Maybe a less biased source would helpful. Hey, if it works for some gays to be converted, good for them. It will not help them all. Look at the APA guidelines on conversion therapy–it is extremely harmful


I am sure if Jesus walked the earth today in person he would rather be Gay then a horrible person who would hold shame on others for their lives.
Remember there are many things that are worst then being Gay like NOT " treating others as you would like to be treated" i think that is what is expected of all…
Before you want to throw stones ask WWJD. You might find that a handshake and walk away would be in order.

[SIGN]I am sure if Jesus walked the earth today in person he would rather be Gay then a horrible person who would hold shame on others for their lives.
Remember there are many things that are worst then being Gay like NOT " treating others as you would like to be treated" i think that is what is expected of all…
Before you want to throw stones ask WWJD. You might find that a handshake and walk away would be in order.[/SIGN]

WWJD? What he always did: Admonish the sinners and tell them to repent, and not always in a nice way (remember “broud of vipers”?). If you are ashamed of your “lifestyle,” it’s because some part of you acknowledges that it is wrong.

Personally, if I was in a “lifestyle” that would damn my soul, I’d want to be called out on it and corrected so that I could be saved. Just as if I had cancer I would want to be told so I could get treatment. Wouldn’t you?

As for Jesus wanting to be gay, you should examine Jesus as he was instead of blaphemously remaking him in your own image. Remember: we will have to answer for every careless word we say.

Aw man, where to start.

(1) Do not presume to know what “orientation” Jesus Christ would or would not have had. What a silly statement.

(2) “Worse than being Gay.” That’s exactly what is being called more and more into question. Is a Gay, gay? That is, is he / she fixed into their homosexual tendencies from birth without any hope of help? Must a person with SSAD engage in homosexual acts, having no control over his / her sexuality? The Church asks for chastity, i.e. no sexual relations outside of marriage. This applies to everyone. Any partnership of sexual cohabitation other than male - female can never be marriage (dogmatic); therefore, homosexual acts can never be normalized as consistent with the true moral order.

(3) The Golden Rule does not require us to continually indulge the whims of every single human being so as not to “hurt their feelings.” The commandments of Jesus Christ are not simply “be nice or burn in hell.” He commands Love, and Love hurts sometimes, just like Truth.

And further, what’s wrong with shame? Shame is a good thing. It helps us feel bad for doing wrong. Should those afflicted with SSAD feel ashamed for having these problems? Of course not! That is a mischaracterization of the Catholic response to homosexuals demanding “equality.” As said above, we are all called to chastity, homosexuals included.

(4) We are not throwing stones. The article is meant to show that homosexual radicals are attempting to silence fellow human beings who wish to obtain help in dealing with their obvious sexual dysfunction.

WWJD? He’d ask each and every single person with homosexual urges to get their sexuality under control, for their own sake in this world and for the sake of their eternal souls. How do I know? Because the Catholic Church says so.


Biased? ABC News is a chunk of the MSM. It’s a miracle that this was even reported.

APA? Is this the same APA that has been continually lobbied since the 1970’s by homosexual activists to change almost every single one of their definitions and decisions concerning homosexuality based on “equality?” Look at the article Matt:

“The ABC report was sparked by the American Psychological Association’s decision to cancel an important forum scheduled for Monday on the relationship between religion and homosexuality… Gay activists feared that the panel would challenge the APA’s official 2000 opposition to reparative therapy, itself rooted in the organization’s 1973 decision to remove homosexuality from the list of mental disorders.”

Who’re the professionals and who’re the laymen? Who’s making the decisions here?

Concerning reparative therapies, I have no clue. I am no professional psychologist, and I would be wary of anything that promised a fix. However, programs like Courage, which is supported by the Vatican, are not reparative therapies. They are organizations created to help people get their homosexual urges under control. And getting control of one’s urges has nothing to do with what the APA or any other organization has to say.

What would be a “less bias source”? I don’t believe it is “extremely” harmful. Prove me wrong.


We must always treat others with respect. However, your assertion above is silly.


The LifeSite article has the link to the ABC News report, but I will list the link here. abcnews.go.com/Video/playerIndex?id=4797243

The news video isn’t as condemning as its title suggests:

Can You Change Your Sexual Orientation?
Gay activists hijack debate on gays going straight.

I mistook this headline completely. I thought it meant that ex-gays were still experiencing persecution based on the perception they were gay, because that’s far more common.

I would agree with telemachus that the church requires chastity of all it’s single members, except that the church also has not made a doctrine of defining heterosexual acts outside of marriage as ‘intrinsically evil’ nor have they described active heterosexuals as ‘objectively disordered’. The theological environment surrounding homosexuality is loaded with judgmental toxic language that one does not find in regards to illicit heterosexual actlivity.

Adulterers have not been called the ‘spawn of satan’, nor have suddenly celibate clergy like Augustine himself, been taken to task for abandoning their mistresses and children.

The APA has taken the stance they have with regards to reparation therapies because the recidivism rate is so high–over 90%, that the successes do not justify the pain experienced with in the therapies. This is the same standard which is applied to any therapy directed at healing anything.

As a therapist myself, I feel great empathy for parents who are subjected to these therapies along side their children. The operative strategies are guilt and shame, and those are not the strategies used by Jesus. He used compassion and understanding in order to create an environment in which the sinner could see the need for change. Love is the far better strategy and should be applied equally to all sexual transgressions. End of sermon.

You do not understand Catholic Theology. You should do more study especially concerning natural law.


Prove you wrong? Are you serious? Look at the recidivism rate. The APA, the guiding body in this case, says it is absolutely harmful. Imagine them trying to cure you of being catholic. That is the best example I can come up with. Furthermore, it should be YOU trying to prove me wrong, because you have the extremely controversial position.

Furthermore, Catholic theology and “natural law” have no place in science and hard fact. Theology and science can work together–but because a tenent of theology claims something does not make it empirically valid or even true. This is NOT a theocracy. If you want to call something intriniscally disordered, that is your right–but others have a right to condemn terrible programs like courage as being far more hurtful than helpful.

Colkoch–great post!

Lifesitenews is anything but a fair and balanced site.


I have studied natural law theology. The prohibitions within our tradition regarding homosexual acts derived from the underlying assumption that all people are heterosexual. In this sense it is against the nature of heterosexuality to engage in homosexual acts. I have no problem with that.

The problem I have is that the teaching authority confirms the separate existence of the homosexual orientation, but in order to make it conform to the existing moral theology based on the exclusivity of the heterosexual orientation, they have been compelled to describe the orientation as ‘intrinsically disordered.’

That’s a hard one for me to swallow because orientation, like all human attributes, falls along a consistent bell curve. We don’t describe any other trait as ‘instrinsically disordered’. To do so does a great injustice to the large number of homosexual priests and celibate laity who have served this church with distinction and integrity. They are not disordered, they are just different.

Homosexuality is arguable as “objectively disordered” from a natural law as well as a theological perspective. It’s so blatantly obvious that man and woman were meant only for each other that it’s only in the sexual confusion and misinformation of the modern world that homosexuality as “abnormal and unhealthy” even comes into question. The fact that you are even putting homosexual and heterosexual acts outside of marriage on the same level shows your confusion.

As a therapist, how do you treat your patients? Do you advise them to stay away from homosexual acts and to get their sexual urges under control, or do they do what they want and you provide a “non-judgmental” shoulder to cry on? Are you helping them? Is this “love”? When do you take the step to say “I think that being sexually active and romantically involved with members of the same sex is hurting you?” What’s it going to take? How many more deaths from AIDS and other STDs? How much more hopping from bed to bed in search of something they can never find outside of a healthy relationship with a member of the opposite sex? What if they can be treated by helping them overcome the roots of their problems?

Like I said, I don’t know anything about reparative therapy. But treatment is indeed what homosexuals need. I hope you as a therapist do the right thing.

Cheap swipe at St. Augustine, BTW. If you notice however he repented his way of life, which is something that you do not seem willing to ask your patients to do. And I seriously doubt his mistress / child were left for want given the wealth of the family that he came from. End of sermon.

I believe Matt is a biased source. I’m quite familiar with how the APA made its decision. What is unconvincing is that unproductive sexual intercourse is natural. One need not be biased at all to realize that.


I confirm the separate existence of the alcoholic orientation. That does not prove it to be natural.


“The fact that you are even putting homosexual and heterosexual acts outside of marriage on the same level shows your confusion.”

Actually it show yours. It shows the kind of heterosexual mentality which says that engaging in oral and anal sex is not breaking one’s vows of chastity or virginity because the parts haven’t been locked in the correct natural places. Apparently acts which are called ‘intrinsically evil’ in homosexuals are just foreplay for the naturally correct heterosexual. This kind of thinking is a disturbing trend coming from ‘chastity theologies’. Guess what, it leads to HIV and other STD’s. How many ‘chaste’ young people have to die before we get this message corrected.

HIV and STD’s don’t care about our nice theological distinctions between heterosexuals and homosexuals. Because they don’t make those distinctions, I don’t make those distinctions. Irresponsible sex is irresponsible sex.

What I may or may not say or suggest with my clients is not your business. It’s my business and their business. But I will say this much, there is no progress for any client whose energy is wrapped up in hating themselves.

In a church which promotes the ideal nuclear family, I don’t give Augustine a free pass, and that’s irrespective of how much money his family threw at his ‘mistake’, or how much he repented.

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