Ex jw Catholics

Hi there all,

I know we have some ex jw Catholics here, but i’d like to invite the ones who haven’t already shared their stories to talk about their experience if they want, not everyone is comfortable talking about it, and i most certainly respect that. but, for those of you
who would like to share your experience with us and your road to Catholicism, that would be great!

What do i mean by the term ex jw Catholics? those who were baptized Catholics and left our faith and became a jw, and then left that belief and came back to the Catholic Church.

If you want to share your story, that would be most welcome! Thank you and God bless you!


My wife would fall into this category. She tells her story at the following link:


She also tells her story on the following podcast which you can download and listen to here:


Also, my good friend Denise who was a cradle Catholic that became a JW and returned to the Catholic Church wrote her story at the following link as well:


And here is another one from Claude:



Jeff Schwehm

thanks :slight_smile:

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