Ex-KGB Oligarch may buy Major British Paper

Fascinating story here for those with time to read it. The Independent is one of England’s major papers (and I am discounting the myriad tabloids over there) and one of its main claims to fame is that it “boasts”? Robert Fisk as its MidEast correspondent.

That’s however, beyond the point. The fascinating thing is that a Russian oligarch, who already owns one major paper in England, may by another - the said Independent. I suppose the equivalent would be a Russian oligarch buying the Chicago Sun-Times in America and impressing his views on the paper. The Russians form quite the rich emigre community in England, with many opponents to Putin at least able to reside there - some quite unlucky like the poisoned Litvinenko.

The thing with the ex-KGB man in focus here is that people seem undecided as to whether he is one of the “good guys” (i.e. opposing Putin, Stalinism) or not, to simplify matters.

Anyway, it’s an interesting article worth the read, and the link is to one of the Independent’s rivals, the right-wing Daily Telegraph, whose former owner Conrad Black coincidentally is a devout Catholic doing time in a Florida jail cell right now on white-collar crime charges. What a crazy little world we live in.

Here’s the story:telegraph.co.uk/news/worldnews/europe/russia/5854042/Alexander-Lebedev-the-oligarch-conspiracy-theories-and-a-mercury-poisoning-mystery.html

who, Rupert Murdoch??? He already owns Fox Noise… I did not know he was tied to the KGB… learn something new every day… my point is, the potential owner of the paper means little… the editor is the guy that might deserve the light of day…

Yes, but every owner is different - some “hands-on” with the editorial board, some not. For instance, the aforementioned Conrad Black made Canada’s National Post, as was his right, a right-wing newspaper just as he is, often writing op-ed pieces for his own paper.

My point is the potential owner may mean little or, in certain instances, it may mean more than something. Some owners do like to have a say in their newspaper’s position and are more than willing to give an editor the boot.


Good one and oh so true. I can’t wait to see the firestorm this causes.

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