Ex-Libyan intel official: IS has Gaddafi-era chemical weapons



**former Libyan intelligence official said in a recent TV interview that the country’s chemical weapons stores have fallen into the hands of the Islamic State, which has taken them to Syria.
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who was it in our government that backed the overthrow of ghadaffi?
first Benghazi - now we see chemical weapons have fallen into the hands of ISIS.


Lybia’s Gaddafi had chem weapons - so do all the others. Are you kidding? All the hooplah over WMD’s in Iraq was not a figment of imagination - although politics has used their existence to place scorn and ridicule on those who professed knowledge of them. Many labs and storage places revealed “trace” evidence and some leftovers. There were films of trucks scurrying out of Iraq and into Syria in the early hours of taking Sadam Hussein down.
What good does it do to refuse their existence and remain vulnerable to the horrific destruction they can deliver? If one of these ME countries can’t manufacture them or don’t want to, they can sure buy them.




Mustard gas? Seriously? Any good government would start handing out gas masks.

Nerve gas would be a bigger threat. And who found this out? We don’t have satellites and drones mapping every inch of suspected enemy territory and ‘areas of interest’? It does appear that it’s being used but it’s a not a clear situation. If “they” know where to get it, whatever “it” may be, can’t we find out?



It appears that American,Turkish and British intelligence agencies facilitated the delivery of chemical weapons to our Syrian jihadist allies in order to frame Assad and provide a pretext for war. So we know exactly what they have, because we’re the ones who gave it to them.





The same thing happened with hundreds of tons of Libyan arms, which the Central Intelligence Agency first brought to Turkey, and then from there gave to jihadists in Syria.





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