Ex-Minnesota governor says TV career halted by sniper's claims




I doubt he can win. He’s been in a lot of controversies, gained a lot of publicity for himself. Now he’s on TruTV (yech!) doing a show promoting conspiracy theories.
I doubt this guy’s book has anything has anything to do with his career trajectory, maybe the public is finally tired of him.


So it’s a really BIG conspiracy! :whacky:


Yes, he hasn’t had a good wrestling commentator gig nor been cast in any Predator sequels, all because of these comments…:rolleyes:

Jesse, maybe its because, as an older man, you look like a charicature of your former self, and associate yourself with ridiculous opinions.

Most people aren’t aware of the sniper comments, and could not care less. They do tend to avoid pont tail wearing, balding consipracy theorists who wear feather boas.


Poor little Jesse, his income is down and I feel soooo sorry for him . . . not! ! ! :rolleyes:


He had a TV career? :stuck_out_tongue:


I hope he loses his case. I think it’s completely despicable that he brought this case in the first place .


Really macho suing a dead man.


No offense, didymus, but Conspiracy Theory with Jesse Ventura has apparently been cancelled.




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