Ex-Mormon on EWTN tonight


About once a year the Journey Home has an ex-Mormon on. If you really want to learn why a Mormon becomes Catholic, you might learn something from tuning in tonight. It’s on EWTN at 8 pm.


Thank you, I plan to watch.


Have you guys read about Issiah Bennet? Where can I read about him?


Isaiah Bennett has a couple of really good books out. He was a Catholic priest who “converted” to Mormonism. Then when he found out what they really believe and teach, he left and returned to the Catholic Church. Go to www.catholic.com and search on his name. The books are very accurate and surprisingly even-handed for an ex-Mormon.

God love you,
Paul (also an ex-Mormon)


I LOVE The Journey Home. As someone who is in the process of “coming home” to the Catholic church (only 6 more months til I’m officially Catholic!) I find the show to be very touchy. The interview with the ex-Mormon last night was very insightful about how they don’t tell their missionaries about progressing to god status and other beliefs until much later…


The missionaries know that (eternal progression). Everyone does except for maybe new converts.

I’m happy to hear about your journey home. I’m possibly on the same path.


I think what RH meant to say is that they tell their missionaries not to tell others about eternal progression.

I first read Marcus Grodi’s testimony in the book Surprised By Truth. It helped lead me home to the Catholic Church. I really like The Journey Home but only got EWTN about a year and a half ago.

Does anyone recall who’s going to be on next week?


I watched the last half of the show last night, and it was interesting. A while back I saw a roundtable discussion on the program of ex-Mormons, which was really interesting. It’s one of my favorite shows on EWTN :thumbsup:


I was a Mormon for a brief period of time myself back in the late 1980s. It is not true that the missionaries are told not to teach newcomers about their doctrine of Eternal Progression.
They taught me that doctrine as part of their six lessons introduction to the LDS faith. They do teach that to newcomers right up front.

What they DON’T like to tell newcomers is their doctrine about God the Father having a literal WIFE up there in heaven who is the mother of our spirits. That one doctrine was just too bizarre for me to get comfortable with. It is one of the many reasons I pulled out the LDS church.



You’re right, Jay. When I was an LDS missionary (1977-1979), we taught the plan of eternal progression, usually as the second lesson. We were supposed to help investigators get excited about progressing to exaltation (godhood) through obedience to the Mormon Church. But we were not supposed to teach investigators the other part of “eternal progression”, namely that God the Father himself progressed from manhood to godhood and was just one of many gods. I was surprising that investigators never figured it out or thought to ask about it.

God bless you,


It was very enlightening. No Mormons have visited for a few years ever since I attempted to share Catholic teaching on the Trinity. My message was clear. Jesus was God, the only God, not a created god, or a man who became god but that He had always been, is now and will be forever. I asked for their bible to point out the scripture quote as mine wasn’t handy. We were getting nowhere discussing the Trinity as they insisted that belief meant three gods not one. Out of frustration, she finally asked me, “Well who do you believe God is? What do you call him?” I simply replied, “Jesus, Jesus is God.” No Son of God because that only seemed to confuse the issue. The name of Jesus totally seemed to discombobulate her as she arched back as one dodging a physical blow. She couldn’t get off the front porch fast enough and urged her partner to depart immediately with her. I’ve been praying for that pair ever since. Maybe someday, somewhere, someone will say something which will finally liberate them.

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