Ex-Mormon / The Fall of the Catholic Church

For today only I have posted a link (The Great Apostasy / The Fall of the Catholic Church) on my site at


Regarding the Fall of the Catholic Church. According to Mormon belief.


I have put this on the back burner because I am not sure if this is something the Spirit is prompting me to do. All I desire is to bring Christ to the Mormons in humility. But maybe this is the right thing to do and maybe it needs to be on my site for souls to read here in Utah. The Mormons have been trying to be accepted as Christians for a long time now. And yet to them Christianity lost all authority as it groped in darkness for seventeen hundred years until Christ restored what was lost through Joseph Smith. In essence Joseph received the Keys that were given to Peter and Lost. The Church Christ himself said would never fail, failed miserably. Please go to the above link and read it. Give me your input either way. It is some pretty powerful stuff and it is very real. As you read this Mormon document please notice that I have made links to that which they are distorting in order to pierce a heart. Not to argue, but rather bring truth to this writing. Let me know how you feel about this tactic for evangelization. Pray and then let me know.

Peace in Christ



That was a long article. Didn’t get a chance to read it, but I will make sure I do. Just curious…Is this your personal website or your parish’s website? Looks pretty interesting!

This is my personal web-site and it is very new. I was baptized Catholic five years ago in Northern Utah. I come from a Mormon background. I am very involved in the RCIA, The sites goal is to evangelize in Northern Utah by handing out the invitation to our 2000 year old Catholic Mass trifold found on my site, to give a reason to talk face to face with our Mormon Neighbors.

I also have a direct link (How you can help) to our Parish for those who would like to help our Mission in Utah:

  1. Help build our New Church in the very center of Cache Valley Utah that is about 95% Mormon. Anything small or large will help. We are very close to building it. For more information go here, see the Church drawings.:


  1. Help with our new evangelization fund that will help get the invitations out face to face.


There are many who need to be reached that have fallen away from their Mormon Faith. But because of what they have been taught the Catholic Church is the last place they would look. It was the last place that I would have looked but I got very lucky. Or maybe I should say very blessed. When they do take a look and study our faith diligently you might say that they are born again. Like seeing the ocean for the very first time as an adult. Then through the Eucharist they are given the ability to not only see this Ocean but actually swim in it. My calling is to evangelize, believe me not something chosen! I would like to see a lot more of it here in Utah and am willing to do whatever it takes, to go out and spread the very good news, to help others do the same, (Humbly)to speak face to face about our awesome faith in Christ.

Through the links above you can make contact with St. Thomas Aquinas Church in Logan Utah and offer what ever you can to the new evangelization fund. Or simply call our Parish now at 435-753-6724 and ask for Ann

Peace in Christ



I must say that is a pretty professional looking website for a personal one. I think it is TOTALLY AWESOME what you are doing!!! Good Luck, and God Bless!!! I guess you could say I have a heart for Mormons as well. My best friends are Mormon and I just can’t shake the feeling that 1) that’s not where they belong, and 2) I’m called to help show them the truth of Catholicism. I am not in nearly as highly a Mormon area as you, however, there is a good sized Mormon population in my area, and they are preparing to build a new temple in my town. It is hard sometimes not to get discouraged though, but it’s not my will, but God’s, so I keep pluggin away.

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