(ex-)mormons: what are the odds that my deceased mother has been "baptized"?

Hey ex-mormons and current mormons :slight_smile:

I was wondering, there was (and may be next year) a mormon who sat in our RCIA class this past year, and she once mentioned (after the RCIA director was too timid to state the plain truth that mormon baptisms are invalid and mormons are not Christians) that they were “baptizing” 100+ people at their “temple”. I had thought this was just a normal invalid baptism (something I’ve even had before, but that’s a story for another thread…)

It has since come to my attention that if these “baptisms” took place at a temple as she said, then they were actually instances of the mormon practice of baptizing the dead.

Now I have a dead relative, my mother, who was a Catholic who (so my grandmother told me, but then again I wasn’t there myself) received the Last Rites when she suddenly died a few years ago. This hearsay has been of great comfort to me, because my mother was not a practicing Catholic before she suddenly died, and I worry about her soul. It has been a great comfort to know that she was able to receive this means of grace before going off to her judgement and eternity.

However it would cause me some discomfort if there was a probability that these mormons near where I live would have scoured the obituaries and picked up her name and invoked her immortal soul in a ritual from a religion she did not adhere to.

So, to cut it short, like car crashes so often do to lives, is there a probablity that my mother has been “baptized” by the mormon religion? If so, perhaps it even was this mass “baptism” to which my mormon classmate referred to during an RCIA class!

Thanks in advance!

Don’t worry about it, they could do it a hundred times and it doesn’t mean a thing. Trust the Mercy of God in the Sacrament of the Anointing of the sick and dying. Be thankful she was able to receive it before dying. God Bless, Memaw

Don’t worry about the Mormons baptizing anyone posthumously. It has no meaning. What you should do is pray for the repose of your grandmother’s soul.

Enough with the Mormon threads

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