Ex-Muslim Sheikh thrown in prison


A Muslim Shekikh who had preached in Mosques and led dawa efforts converted to Christianity. El Din Al Akkad is now is in an Egyptian jail and has been for 18 months. Our friendly Muslim blogger at www.sandmonkey.org decided to check it out and see if it was really true. Guess what? It is. Sorry pro, but this is not one you can deny. Look it up and check out the links. Also check it out on www.persecution.org. Bless the man. He has been converting Muslims and baptizing them while he is in prison.

So next time Muslims talk about converts mention this one to them. Then ask if it is right to jail someone for converting to Christianity. Don’t let them dodge the question or change the subject.


But, but, but… the Cru-sAAAAADES!!! :rolleyes:


exo, doing pro’s work for him? I admit he is predictable. I post something thats happening today and he needs to search back centuries.


Still no justification from pro? He is slipping.


Not to worry Cestusdei, the Wahabist scholars at his mosque in Riyadh, or wherever he really lives, will look up the ancient stuff for him.


I really do wonder how anyone can bury their head in the sand on this one. Even if one lives in the desert.
God Bless that truly brave and wise man for his efforts while in prison.
Maybe Pro could go over to that prison and tell the guys locked up there about the Crusades.


Hmmm…still no comment from pro. But let’s keep this thread up top for awhile. This man deserves our prayers.


The persistence in some folks here believing that pro is not who he claims to be is truly amazing.

No one has produced one shred of evidence to support these extraordinary accusations. You guys really have your heads in the sand, don’t you? You just can’t accept that someone could actually reject Catholicism and consider embracing Islam.

Well, get over it. This is the real world, where intelligent and well-intentioned people make all sorts of mistakes all the time.

Not to take away from the point of the OP, with which I thoroughly agree, BTW.



I can’t say much about his intelligence, but sure folks do convert. They want a few more wives, like the idea of houris in paradise, hate themselves and their own culture, want to be on what they think is the winning side, hate the USA, want a relativistic morality, like the idea of superiority over the “infidel.” Lot’s of reason to join up. And if you are captured and threatened with beheading you have even more reasons to consider it.


Well, Contarini, get over it. This is the real world, where deceptive people attempt to deceive. I most definitely can believe that someone could leave Catholicism and consider embracing Islam. But you know something? One would expect, if it was reality, to hear some tiny remnant of Catholic ways of thinking, particularly when, as he has done, he sometimes says he is “considering” leaving Catholicism. In Pro there are none at all. That strikes me as suspicious. When someone is so fanatically Islamic as to assert, as Pro did, that there was an “understanding” between Israel and Hezbollah that Hezbollah would kill Israeli civilians, thus relieving Hezbollah of responsibility for that totally immoral action, that tells me deceptiveness is afoot. When one defends absolutely everything Islam ever did or does, and affirms everything in its belief system, without a single exception, then that person IS a Muslim, not one “considering” becoming Muslim.
The assertion that he is “considering” becoming Muslim, therefore, strikes me as deceptive. When one mounts an argument, then, when shown wrong by someone, abandons it and changes the subject, that strikes me as deceptive. When one attacks the sources of another; saying they are “discredited”, then refuses to demonstrate how that source is “discredited”, that strikes me as deceptive. When one blames victims of crimes like murder, that strikes me as deceptive. (The law enforcement classic) When every Islamic excess is denied or excused or justified with specious, preposterous arguments, that strikes me as deceptive. And when one considers that, in Islam, it is considered just fine to deceive “infidels” in order to advance Islam, and when it could not be more obvious that Pro’s sole and only mission here is to attack Christianity and disturb the faith of others and, in the process, makes false assertion after false assertion to do it, then I don’t think I am the one who has his head in the sand, pardner.


When one is unable to master the paragraph format, that makes me “suspicious” of the person’s judgment of my writings online.


I think pro has pretty much dropped the pretense of being anything other then a muslim apologist.

Notice he doesn’t comment on the topic of the thread. Which is an Islamic cleric converts to Christianity, is imprisoned, and tortured. But wait he will find a way to justify, excuse, or ignore it.


When it waddles like a Muslim and it quacks like a Muslim it is a Muslim.


I agree with you Edwin. I see no reason to supect that pro is actually some covert Muslim posting from some secret base in the Arabian desert.

The original OP of the post, however, is very interesting. I would like to see a reasonable response to it if it can be done.


…as if this were some isolated case.


It is truly remarkable how Islam so consistently manages to live up to expectations.


I do give them credit for that. They follow their beliefs whether it means to wedd a 9 year old, kill their child who converts, stone a woman to death, or persecute a Christian. They are consistant when it comes to violence and death.

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